Your Guide To Paleo Diet – An Eye Opening Guide

There is no deficiency of books about diets and internet is inundated with modern diet programs and plans. However, very few diet programs present any proof of their claims and most of them revolve around the same beliefs that have been promoted by the so-called helpful diet experts. Some foods are labeled as “banned” while others get the accolades for being the most nutrient foods. Guide to Paleo Diet stands away from these clichéd diet programs and shows people the only right way to a healthy lifestyle. This is not one of the hundreds of books that you have read about healthy diet.

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“Guide to Paleo Diet” is an eye-opening guide that will serve as your holy book of diet by telling you the right and wrong, black and white, and truth and lie of your diet. The book is not about a diet plan but a lifestyle accompanied by a diet regimen that keeps you healthy, strong and at your best for the lifetime. The book is a straightforward talk about the good and bad constituents of our modern diet rather than an attempt at impressing readers with fancy words and hyperbole.

This is an Eye Opening Guide

The best thing about “Guide to Paleo Diet” is that this is an eye-opening guide. This will lift the curtains from many facts that have been hiding behind false claims for decades. There are many instances in the book when you will be shocked. On many occasions you will realize that the facts you have always been carrying with you about your diet like religion were nothing but false representations and deteriorated face of reality. Modern diet programs from the so-called experts and dieticians have made you avoid hundreds of things that are actually healthy for you. The truth was never as clearly stated as you’d find in this book.

It’s Not a Bundle of Hollow Claims

Every word in this book is backed with research and study. If it tells you to eat something, it also tells you why you should eat it by quoting the words of experts and stating the scientific researches. If it tells you to avoid something, it also tells you why you should avoid it and what are the studies and researches that prove likewise. The book contains detailed charts on nutrition values of the most important and commonly consumed foods. It also throws light on various old charts and claims that gave people the wrong information years ago. All of this is done not without research and proper study. Every word and sentence in the book comes from reliable sources that can be seen at the end of the book.

It Does Not Patronize You

Several books on diet and hundreds of diet programs have continued with their practice of forcing certain foods on people and patronizing them. The highlight of this book is that it unveils the truth, brings forward the facts, tells what’s right in your diet and what’s wrong, and eventually leaves the decision on you to make. The way the information has been disseminated in the book is so convincing that you will be compelled to agree with it. Fats, carbohydrates, ketosis, cholesterol, proteins, micronutrients, vitamins, supplements, salt, probiotics, prebiotics, water, meat, dairy, grains, vegetables, leafy greens, oils, nuts, seeds and so on; this book talks about each and everything but the language is so simple that you’d have the information memorized when you are done reading.


Guide to Paleo Diet clearly states that it won’t ask you to take on a caveman diet but it tells you the difference between what people in the old times used to eat and what we are being made to eat today. The book talks about many foods and food constituents that are labeled as “bad” by the modern diet plans without proper research and studies. It tells us that many foods and nutrients such as fats are not bad for us but what’s bad is how we take them in our diet. It proves with examples, charts and facts that saturated fats are not bad for us but the way we have chosen to have them in our diet today is the bigger problem. Lastly, this is going to be a hard book to read for people who love processed foods and take junk food regularly.