Wrapino: The Most Recent Advanced Photo Technology

Wrapino is a great way to show off a collection of your favorite photographs in one place and it can also offer a unique way to maximize each photo from the collection in real time. Wrapino is a new photo technology which is rapidly becoming popular these days. It is a fact that we all love getting visually stimulated which helps form a social network that is based exclusively on the photo sharing.

How It Works

Wrapino is basically an innovative service which can combine many images in one place for showing all the images together as one collective image which consists of all the images added in it. By moving your mouse’ cursor on any of the images in this newly formed collection, you can easily chose an image that you would like to see in bigger size. An example can be seen below:

Advantages of Wrapino

Many of us find it difficult to show a lot of images in less time. For example, while attending any kinds of parties, we take so many exciting photos and many of these photos are so great that we want to be able to see them or share on social media as soon as we sit on a computer. It will be a great experience to have all the images right there in one place and where you are able to click on any image and instantly see it in full-size. Not only you will enjoy, the person sitting next to you seeing your photos will also love it.

When it comes to sharing your photos on social media, you share all your images on Flickr, Facebook, etc. where your friends can click on ‘Next’ again and again to have viewed all your images, which of course takes a lot of time if there are many pictures from a party or other event. With Wrapino, your friends’ experience will be entirely different. You will simply create one collaborative image for your friends which will contain all your images; your friends can simply move the cursor on images one by one to see them in bigger size, without a need of clicking anywhere. This will not only save time, but will be fun too.

Go ahead and try Wrapino today; it’s 100% free to use and you can easily choose to keep your Wrapino photos public or private by editing your privacy settings.