There are a few people in the game industry that can be regarded as The True Legends because their working and intuition regarding games has remained so awesome and praise worthy. When it is talked about the legends of the game industry, the name of the Will Wright cannot be forgotten at all.

He is a man who did excellent efforts to take the game industry beyond its norms and limitation throughout his career. SimCity was the best creation of the Will Wright and this game was not being created on the old game pattern. Will Wright used no specified goals in this game and it was quite hit. This game paved way for the more exciting and unique games of Will Wright.

Will Wright said in his interview that his game SimCity or other like Sims actually require the creativity of the people themselves. People get involved these games and set the things according to them. Although some games could not get the results according to my desire like SimEarth. It was popular among the 12 year old children but it could not seek the attention of the elder ones. At present his no new work has been seen at all.

When in an interview, it was asked from the Will Wright that whether he would like to work on games again in future or not as he had taken a quite long break in this field. He answered that yes he is deciding again to develop something new in the games field. He is passionate to work on games and he will not leave this industry. So the fans of Will Wright must be happy now that he will bring something new for you soon. And it can be said that the new games will be as good as he has presented in the past.