Why Use a VPN for Unblocking Websites on iPhone and Other Smartphones

With each passing minute, the number of users and websites on the internet continues to rise. As smartphones have been introduced, it has become possible for people to connect to the internet whether they are at home, in school, at work or even when they are en route to somewhere. There are a huge number of reasons why people use this global network on a daily basis such as giving and receiving information, researching, conducting businesses and staying in touch with friends and family. However, now some users are disappointed when they attempt to access a website and discover that they aren’t permitted to access it. There are numerous reasons why these restrictions are being imposed, but it cannot be denied that they pose a problem for people.

Governments have made internet censorship a very common practice blocking websites that they deem unsuitable for residents of their country. Likewise, management of local institutions and businesses also prohibit access of websites at the workplace. This can be highly frustrating for the users and they want to find a way around it. It’s even more depressing for users who are traveling in a country and need to access internet using their phone. If their targeted website is blocked in this country, they won’t be able to access it of course. Initially, there was no solution to this problem, but that has changed rapidly and new tools and technologies have been introduced for aiding individuals in accessing blocked content.

Proxies are one such alternative that people use nowadays, but this method is unreliable, unsecure and not effective for unblocking websites most of the time. A simpler and wiser choice is VPN, which offers greater security to its users when they are interested in accessing websites that have been blocked in their country or region for one reason or another. A virtual private network, such as PrimoVPN, is simply a network technology that has the ability of creating a secure network on a public network like the internet. Even a private network can be made into a secure network with the help of a VPN.

Neutral IP addresses are provided by this service to its users and they are utilized by the people for surfing on the internet without being discovered or traced. VPN promotes anonymity and easy access to all content on the web because it has the ability of bypassing the firewalls and filters that might be imposed for blocking content. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between its own computer and that of the user, which secures all activities and you are able to have complete anonymity and privacy when you are browsing on the internet whether on your phone or laptop. For iPhone, for instance, you can get a VPN service for your iPhone and unblocking websites won’t be an issue regardless of where you are. There are a number of reasons why a VPN is a better choice than, say a proxy.

Even though individuals may have to pay for a VPN service while a proxy can be used for free, there are lasting benefits associated with VPN. A VPN gives access to all websites, no matter what content they contain and it is effective 24/7. Using a virtual private network protects the data and information of users while proxies might not be able to do so. Even deeper security checks will not be able to identify the user’s IP address and track it in any way.