Why The Popularity Of Selfie Sticks Is On The Rise
Image courtesy of Nicolas Mirguet via Flickr

Sometimes we take funny technological steps and wonder whether we are really heading in the right direction or not. This is the same feeling many people went through when the first selfie stick came out. A selfie stick is a long stick made of plastic, metal or other materials and it holds your phone away from you to allow you to take pictures. Many people thought that such a device was only a way for a person to become obsessed with taking his/her own photos. However, soon the critics too were using selfie sticks with passion and without hesitation.

The big reason behind the popularity of selfie sticks was of course the people who love to take selfies. This particular device made their job much easier. We cannot deny the many benefits that selfie sticks had for people who take selfies a lot. First of all, it allowed them to take their pictures from a bigger distance. Taking selfies with your own hands allowed you to keep your mobile phone only a little more than 1 foot away depending on the length of your arm. When you took a shot it was almost always your face in the picture and nothing else.

We know for a fact that most people are afraid of close-up shots. These shots are either fantastic or extremely horrible. Latter is the case on most occasions though. Selfie sticks also allowed people to take pictures with better backgrounds, so they can easily use selfie sticks for posting on social media and share awesome pictures with their friends.. When they took pictures without the selfie stick their background would usually hide behind their faces. With the selfie stick they can create more distance between them and the smartphone. This allows them to have more background visible in their pictures. This proved to be a great advantage for those who were into taking group photos.

That’s right! Selfie sticks made taking group photos easier as well. With your smartphone camera located at a good distance you could easily fit in many people in the picture. With the selfie stick you could include yourself in the group photo and still manage to take a great picture. Lastly, the visible extended arm was always a problem. No matter how good you were looking in the picture the extended arm kind of made the picture look not to cool. The pictures taken with selfie sticks look as if someone else took the picture for you while you were giving your best pose.

When you hold the selfie stick you have the controls of your smartphone right under your fingers. Mostly, the controls are located on the selfie stick right where your thumb rests. This allows you to take pictures easily and without too many adjustments of your fingers that you had to make when you had to press the soft button on the smartphone’s display. The latest selfie sticks have even more features now. One important thing to look for in your selfie stick is its portability. Furthermore, it is best if you have mirror located on your selfie stick to give you an idea of how your picture would look.