Virtualization is a process in which we create a virtual environment to save the cost of buying external hardware for every computer. Virtual machine (VM) is a client computer which uses the server’s memory or operating system. Changes are made over the period in the client computer and our database is updated almost every day. Virtual computers are of same importance to a business as the servers. It is important to  Backup virtual machine to avoid our database from losing any data because database becomes larger and more important after every day passes. There are different types of virtualization as sometimes only hardware is virtualized and sometimes whole system is virtualized which is known as full virtualization. There are different softwares available that can be used to backup virtual machine.  

Backup virtual machine can be really helpful in providing and maintaining the security for your database. Virtual machines are created to virtualize a private network and to get rid of maintaining and protecting the hardware of traditional computers. By virtualizing your network, you can save the cost of hardware like hard disks, RAMs and processors etc. and softwares like operating systems for every computer because you can make one big server with a lot of hard disk storage, RAM and processor. In this way, your virtual machines will get the physical memory from that server that will control all the client computers. If your business includes a lot of online clerical work, it is better to  Backup virtual machine before you lose important data on any client computer.

In case of software virtualization, where one operating system is installed that meets the preferences and requirements of the business and it controls all the client computers. Everyone who is linked with that virtualized network will have the same options and privileges. We can use full virtualization to mix hardware and software virtualization and create individual computers without hardware that are called client computers or virtual machines. Changes that are made in the virtual machines will be saved directly in our local server. This helps in maintaining a proper record of the database on daily or weekly basis because our database is not scattered in this way and it is automatically organized. We must backup virtual machine so that we have a checkpoint to restore if we lose our data. This is really helpful and cost reducing because no one wants to buy separate computers for office work.