Dogs are said to be more of a friend and less of an animal in today’s world. They are very helpful when it comes to the safety of its master and the place where it is kept. There are many advantages which a dog keeper enjoys but along with these advantages there are several problems associated with keeping a dog. Without proper dog training, this friendly animal that is more of a family member can get wild. To avoid the dark side of the game the dogs are especially trained so that they may obey the master in every situation. If a dog does not obey the master, the situation sometimes may become very embarrassing. Imagine a crazy dog jumping on people while walking in a park. It will lead to the insult of the dog keeper in the social circle where they reside.

Dog jumping on strangers is a very common problem and sometimes does lead to stress for the dog keepers. To understand the reason for which the dogs keep jumping on people in social places are there common way of saying “hello”. The mistake is at our part that we have not trained the dogs to react in such a situation. We from the very beginning should train our dog to adopt a proper way of saying Hello to people. The appropriate way is to train the dog according to the environment we move around with the pet, so that the dog knows at what location it should be responding in what way. All they are looking in the social places is just the attraction of the people as they have a natural instinct which they have learnt over a period of time is that the people bend down towards the pet and usually tab the pet so that the dogs may feel important for themselves.

The operant conditioning is the best way to train a dog. We have often seen people letting the dogs run after their bikes. These are the obsolete ways of training the pets. The most advanced and effective way of letting the pet learn is from the positive reinforcement that is rewarding the pet for doing what you want to do so that it may do it every time in order to get some kind of reward. In this way, the pet will get used to the reaction and will always respond to such situation in a way the master wants.