Why Dubai is the New Singapore

Singapore was created because there was a much needed hub for the transportation of produce around the world, to and from Asia. It’s location was perfect and the size was ideal for one man with a dream to create a wonderful city. It was created by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. Singapore is now one of the most pleasant Asian cities to visit, thanks to it’s amazing success as a transport hub for the hundreds of ships which dock at the port every day.

Dubai on the other hand is in a terrible location if you are looking at things from a trade standpoint. It lies along the north coast of a region where populations are not great and therefore there is not much need for a major port, for moving produce around in enormous cargo ships. However in 1969 oil began to flow in the region and that meant a seemingly endless supply of money.

So Why is Dubai the Next Singapore?

Dubai is the new “travel hub of Asia” because of it’s location in terms of the world map. Most maps of the word show Dubai in a central location. This is the not-so secret to it’s success and the reason why this new mega city will flourish just like Singapore has done. In fact it would probably be safe to say that Dubai is the closest thing to a “travel hub of the world”.

It all began in 1985 when Emirates Airlines was created. It signally a new era of growth and dedication to excellence. Dubai has quickly grown from mostly dessert 40 years ago, to an amazing modern city. It features the world’s tallest building and extravagant construction projects like the Palm Island. Anyone who own a construction company in Dubai will be doing great trade. Low taxes make construction projects very investment worthy.

Is there a Bubble About to Burst in Dubai?

Many of us believed that the levels of investment into Dubai construction projects would simply be a one-off and lead to a collapse. In 2006 this did actually happen to a certain extent. Dubai had become the latest buzz word for investors and when that happens it usually leads to over valuations, which then leads to the bubble bursting.

However Dubai was quick to respond to the 2006 downturn. The worldwide recession which started in 2008 also effected Dubai, but in a way Dubai had already begun their recovery. This resulted in Dubai becoming one the best places to invest after the recession. It was certainly one of the first places to recover.

Dubai has a Great Location and Dedication to Detail

The attention to detail and perfectionism is what sets Dubai apart. Emirates Airlines was voted the best in the world in 2013. By the way, watch their new in flight Relax TV channel if you get the chance, it shows beautiful relaxation videos from Uscenes. Dubai wants to be the best and the biggest. It has the very best building projects, the best airline in flight entertainment and the best service for visitors and rich expats.

This is all made possible because of the location on the global map and the oil money. Just like Singapore is a shipping hub, Dubai is a hub for flights. Emirates Airlines and the other UAE airlines Etihad and Qatar, fly hundreds of flights into the UAE every day. It has become the ideal hub for people visiting Asia from Europe. For example from the UK the flight to Bangkok is approximately 8 hours to Dubai and then another flight of around 7 hours.

Technically we should be saying that the United Arab Emirates is this new transport hub because the superb Qatar Airlines has helped make Qatar into a travel hub too. It has even led to the World Cup being hosted there in future. Plus the also excellent Etihad Airways has helped put Abu Dhabi on the map.

Dubai steals the limelight by breaking records, like with the tallest buildinin the world, the Burj Khalifa. It is also the home of the only “7 star hotel” in the world. The world has become a much smaller place and air travel is extremely important. This will ensure that Dubai and the two other UAE cities continue to prosper for centuries to come, just as Singapore has done.