Whoopi's Medical Marijuana Line: Things to Know

There have been plenty of pictures and video taken of celebrities engaged in vaping, and there are even some big-name celebs who have made their mark on the vape pen industry. Snoop Dogg is perhaps the most well-known vape advocate, but there are plenty of others out there. The one thing that has been missing from this story is the presence of a female vape advocate.

This isn’t that surprising, as the regular people you see using vaporizers are predominantly male. That may all be about to change, as Whoopi Goldberg is getting set to make her mark in the vaporizer industry.

This shouldn’t really come as a big surprise to those who follow the vape industry, as Whoopi is someone who has long since made it known that she is for both vaporizers and medical marijuana. She, as well as co-owner Maya Elisabeth and Om Edibles, has created a new business venture that will sell medical marijuana products aimed at the female market. Specifically, the products on offer will be for women who has problems with menstrual cramps.

The Maya & Whoopi line will include such products as edibles, liquid extracts, topical rubs, and even a THC-infused bath soak. Since Whoopi and her group are aware that there are still some people who are a little anxious about using marijuana, they will also make some of the products available with cannabidiol only, which means the THC, and its hallucinogenic side effects, will be removed completely. The female vaporizer pen market is one that is largely untapped, and the arrival of a marijuana line aimed at women may help tilt things in the opposite direction.

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When talking about the line of products, Whoopi said that she believes women who want relief from menstrual cramps, but who don’t want to smoke a joint in order for that to happen, will get some real benefits from these products. The topical rub in particular is something that can easily be carried around and applied to the stomach and back as the pain dictates. These products can be used throughout the day, with the THC-infused products available to those who want to get some relief in the comfort of their own home.

Whoopi Goldberg has long used marijuana to help with glaucoma-related headaches, so she knows just how well the drug can help with pain. She was inspired to start her own medical marijuana line after seeing how badly her two granddaughters suffered with menstrual cramps. She wanted them to have access to products that were all-natural, but which were also extremely effective in dealing with that very specific type of pain. She knows that marijuana is excellent at treating those painful symptoms, and that it is more effective than most over the counter medications that are currently available to women.

The Whoopi & Maya product line will soon be available to California residents who are in possession of a valid medical marijuana card. We hope that women see how well these products work, so that more will make the move to vapor pens in the future.