What's 1-Direction's Zayn's New Direction?

The pop boy band getting fame from X-Factor, courtesy Simon Cowell, who put them together as one piece while the five guys were auditioning as individual singers has faced the first bitter reality of being a band. Popular bands are known for wear and tear regardless of the genre.

The same has happened to 1-direction. Zayn Malik, one of the members of the former 5-member band, has left the band for good. Firstly, there were talks that Zayn would only be leaving the band for a couple of concerts. Zayn’s first temporary departure ensued from his scandal that arose on the internet when some of his pictures with a girl were leaked.

He was holding hands with a girl and had her from her back on his chest in one of the photos with his harm going around her waist. Of course, this wouldn’t have been big news if he wasn’t already committed to a girl named Perrie Edwards. She happens to be his fiancée.

Some fans went hostile against Zayn and his “cheating” character. Online media suddenly filled with comments of hatred towards Zayn from 1-direction’s fans. This brought the already-quiet Zayn under stress and on March 25, 2015 he decided to quit the band.

Zayn has commented and talked on several forums after his departure. He said he has gained better control of his life after departing from the band. He refuted any claims made by media or fans that he had any disputes with other four band members. He said these rumors couldn’t be more wrong.

As for the scandal he said that his fiancée is a good girl and understands him well. He said that his fiancée is being very supportive in these hard times.

He stated on several occasions that much of what he did was only for his fans. He has claimed that he wants to live a life of a normal 22-year old guy and this is only possible after leaving the band.

He spent good 5 years in the band but has now wished the 4-piece band a good luck for future albums and releases. He said that the band wants to continue doing what it is doing for some more time. Liam Payne, another member of the band, has also claimed that band will continue to make great songs for the fans.

Liam talked in depth about Zayn’s departure from the band, the future of the band and his reaction after Zayn’s departure. He said he feels extremely saddened from Zayn’s departure and he also named this phase of the band as the worst phase.

He recollected the moments the band lived together and said he would be very sad to not have their 5th brother with them. However, at the end he emphasized on the fact that band will continue to make great albums and songs because the band’s true world lies in its fans.

Departure of Zayn from the band is getting a mixed feedback. However, most people would agree that quitting a band when it is already at its peaks around the world is one big decision to take. Not a lot of people in the world have the courage in them to leave the fame, stardom, limelight and money to focus on relationships and other things in their lives.