What You Learn As Part Of Self-Defense Training

If you are thinking of joining some self-defense training program, you should go for it without thinking any longer. If you are a girl and you want to enroll in such a program, that’s even better. Girls are great self-defense students because statistics and studies have shown that girls are always an easy target for attackers. The way teenage and adult girls are treated by molesters and kidnappers is quite the same. It is to say that bad people do not treat victims based on their age. This is why it is extremely important that you learn self-defense.

Here is what you learn as part of self-defense training:

You Must Have A Plan

As part of self-defense training program, you are instructed and practically made to act in many different situations. This allows you to quickly grab the idea of what different situations demand. The way you should react when you are attacked by someone in public and when alone has to be different because the situations are completely different. Despite there being many different situations, you need to have a plan on what you will do if something bad happens. This is an important part of the training.

Mental Strength Is Important

When you are trained on self-defense you are constantly asked to observe your surroundings and trust your intuition when it tells you that something is not right. However, looking around and observing things should not be a sign of fear. You have to act such a way that your way of walking and observing looks normal. In simple words, someone looking at you should not even know that you are observing your surroundings. You then have to walk with confidence wherever you are. You have to keep control on your mind when met with a bad situation for your plan to work.

Don’t Look Scared

There are many different ways of walking. Have you ever noticed how a sumo wrestler steps into the ring? The way they stomp their feet on the floor is a clear sign that they are ready to fight and that they are not scared. When you are walking normally you have to look confident. Keep your shoulders broad, walk straight, walk steadily and look alert. As part of the training you are asked to avoid the body language that sends the signals that you are afraid and scared.

Catching Signals

You have to know that most people around you are normal folks just like you. They are busy in their lives and they don’t intend to harm you in any way. However, among these thousands of people there are only a few that have bad intents. How would you identify the bad person from thousands? There are several signals that tell you about a person’s intentions. As part of self-defense training you are trained on how to catch those signals. Oftentimes, such people will ask to give you help. They will ignore your “no” even if you have said it multiple times. Making uncalled for promises and being too frank when not asked to are other signs of bad intentions.