Only the regular toothpaste users and brushers are concerned enough about their teeth that they research topics such as toothpaste and toothbrush. To most people toothpaste is just another paste used for cleaning the teeth. However, what they don’t know is that toothpastes are also commercial products and companies can be deceiving at times to sell their products. This is the time when a customer has to look for the best toothpaste and it is the one that is not backed by hollow claims and fake slogans but the one that delivers what it promises.

At the same time, it is very important for customers to know the aspects that must be looked into when they are searching for toothpaste. If some toothpaste is good for your friend or even your other half, it is not necessary that it will be a perfect fit for you too. The reason why this is possible is because different people have different dental issues. There is a possibility that you don’t wear any dentures or your teeth have never gone under treatment but someone else’s might have. The best toothpaste for you in this case might not be the best for the other person.

Imagine this, you are using some toothpaste because it whitens your teeth and you like the white sparking teeth the entire day after brushing in the morning. However, it is a fact that whitening toothpastes mostly contain abrasive agents and are more abrasive in nature than other toothpastes. This means that a person using a filling in the teeth or with some other dental treatment done on his teeth could damage your tooth enamel and even the luster of any veneers or crowns that you might be wearing. In this particular case, whitening toothpaste is not the best toothpaste for you.

Now, there are many toothpastes and companies that advertise the fluoride in their toothpastes as if they had put some magic in them. The truth is that recent studies on the effects of fluoride on your teeth and the entire body are split into two streams. There are those dentists and scientists who believe that fluoride is only good for the teeth and body while there are other very able professors and scientists who don’t support this argument. Hence, you will find fluoride free toothpaste in the market too. This might be surprising and shocking for some people but it’s true.

So, for those who have heard about a fluoride free toothpaste for the first time it might be a big surprise but many studies have proved that too much intake and regular use of fluoride in daily life can have harmful effects as well. For example, oral intake of fluoride has been associated with most harmful effects because the more fluoride you take the more harmful it gets. Larger quantities of this substance can even be lethal for adults. Some studies have also shown that excessive use of fluoride can affect children’s teeth negatively before they shoot out.