The Clarks and The Dansko shoe brands are considered the best shoe brands for comfortable wear. Comfort is a priority over style and fashion. Fashion is versatile and changes rapidly, but amazingly, these brands have been around for years and yet there is still a fairly large clientele for them. The real question is; which of the two outbids the other? The Clarks shoe brand has been around for decades, and you can find it in sandals, wedges or boots. They have all you need when it comes to comfort and are fashionable too. Comfort and fashion is a rare combination when you are looking at shoes. Don’t get me started when on those killer hills that leave your feet aching even though you were looking hot out there. Whoever said there is no beauty without pain, clearly did not know about Clarks!

Dansko is your feet’s best friend. That is why they are quite popular with, the doctors, nurses, chefs and flight attendants. Clogs and Mary Janes are the most popular in the Dansko family. If you are going to be on your feet the whole day, Dansko is the way to go. They come in leather and have all sorts of unique styles in their range. These shoes are literally made for your feet, as they take the form of your feet and toes! IF you are suffering from back pain, before you take all that medication, try on a pair of Dansko for several weeks. The Dansko is more suited for wider feet. For narrow feet, there is a limited choice of both colour and style. The professional is specifically made for the narrow feet.

However, Dansko cannot be re-soled, and they don’t necessarily accommodate every shape and size of feet out there, so it’s not for everyone. Unfortunately, these shoes also cause your feet to sweat and as a result, create an odour. This brand is strong and convenient but does not really appeal to the eye. When it comes down to which of the two shoe brands to wear, you have to take into consideration all the factors. When it comes to affordability, Clarks is more affordable although the difference between the two is not very significant. If we look at durability, Danskos are the best as they can last for a number of years. When it comes to style and fashion, Clarks takes the cup. It is fashionable, and has a huge selection. Get into any American store or mall and you will find Clarks on the shoe corner. If you have any foot infections or conditions, Danskos will be a good recommendation although checking with your doctor first is a prerequisite.

Other than the facts above, personal opinion also comes into play. Some say, that Danskos lacks style, and some say, Clarks are not as comfortable. In light of this, I can safely conclude that, another woman’s choice of shoe brand is another’s critic. So what will it be then? Danskos or Clarks?