What Role Chat Messengers Are Playing In Changing The Communication Methods

The invention of messaging apps has a crucial role in changing the way people communicate through social media in present time. This drastic shift has brought a positive effect to all the internet users across the world who want to stay in touch with their family members, friends, colleagues and others through easy and instant methods of communication. Today, there is a large number of messengers that allow you to log on to chat with friends in addition to search for products, connect with brands and watch content. This advancement of instant messengers’ features has replaced the old usage of such messaging apps that were once upon a time used as simple adds-ons to your smartphone and to exchange text messages, pictures and videos.

While the chat messengers were invented because of various intended reasons, they serve an assortment of purposes. Such messengers not only work as one of the basic features of every smart device but also transform the way of digital communication between businesses and customers. This article will discuss some chat messengers and enlighten briefly how these apps have gradually overtaken the traditional ways of personal and professional communication.

As mentioned earlier, most chat messaging apps are also acknowledged as a dynamic marketing tool, the journey from social media networks to messenger is indeed a big revolution in the digital world of the internet. Furthermore, such apps are considered as more enclosed than using social media networks by many consumers. For that reason, these messengers help marketers instantly get to the customers and talk with them in their chat boxes. The popularity of chat messaging apps is clearly marked as almost all international brands are using or considering to use such apps in order to enhance their experience of communication with clients and consumers.

Additionally, the free video calling feature of chat messengers is one of the biggest reasons of Internet users to consider these apps as a must-have item for their devices. This feature has also attracted many enterprises that use chat messengers as an integrated collaboration tool for their business. They come with a series of functions like setting up and advanced security level. Moreover, they are backed up by higher video clarity or HD audio and screen sharing that is proven to be handy for personal and professional use. Following are some of the most used chat apps of the present time.

Facebook Messenger

It is indeed one of the most famous chat apps of the present time. Facebook messenger has many advanced features including sending text and audio messages, video calling, exchanging emojis and pictures etc that allow you to have a great chatting experience with your contacts.

Kik Messenger

It’s a free chat messenger that is designed for smartphones. Like other messaging apps, Kik messenger allows you to choose a user name, send messages, emojis, pictures and videos to your Kik contacts.

WhatsApp Messenger

Released a few years ago, WhatsApp is being widely used in most countries of the world. It has all the features that make it popular chatting app for all kind of smart devices.