Jeans are the universal piece of clothing for women, and are considered as a best leisure wear around the world. Today, jeans are a style statement as well; hence lots of styles, cuts, and designs have been launched by some leading labels and designers. Jeans are stylish, practical, and comfortable. Jeans are a timeless possession, always in fashion, always in trend, and yet leisure wears. A modern woman’s closet is not whole without stunning pair of jeans, they can be worn anywhere anytime. Jeans come in so many cuts, fits, and designs to accommodate woman’s body and shape and that makes it easy for women to ride, work and leisure around, or just simply mucks the garden or countryside.

Don’t get frustrated or exasperated if it’s difficult to buy right jeans for you, because to assist you, some of the popular, stylish and yet comfortable jeans are mentioned below.

Flare Cut Jeans: They are a sought after pair of jeans, because they fit almost every figure with their narrow thighs and hips, and loose calves. They outline your legs stunningly while being comfortable. Flare cut Jeans look stylish with high heeled stilettos.

Straight Jeans: They are a classic, a timeless fashion. They are cut straight from hips to ankles; give you and your legs a trim and slender look. Straight Jeans come in various sizes to make it easy for women to choose according to their sizes. They look business like with cone heeled pumps.

Boot Cut Jeans: They are designed to put up boots, they look a little like a flare cut. Boot Cut jeans are straight from hips to calves but widen a bit to accommodate boots without bunching up. They are smart wear that give you a confident look.

High Waist Jeans: They are highly fashionable in every circle. A high waist jean is a smart way to hide tummy and hips, and enhances your beautiful curves. This high waist jean style is super sexy for women on voluptuous side.   

Cuffed Jeans:
It is a kind of jeans one prefers to wear on day off, cut loose with their ends folded like cuffs make them very comfortable wear. Cuff jeans make it easy to lie about or do all sorts of things one does on day off like shopping, kiddy stuff, or cycling. They go well with anything from high heels to flats.

Bell Bottom Jeans: A popular trend since sixties, they are the most comfortable type of jeans. Bell Bottom jeans are cut straight from waist to knees then fall wide to the ankles. You can pair them up with flip flops or sneakers or boots, they are appropriate for every body type.

Capri Jeans: They snug around on waist, and cut straight to knees. Capri jeans count in casual wear and they can be dressed up or down. Capri jeans make you look simple yet flattering.

Wash Jeans: It’s a type of jeans which is chemically faded to give a washed look. They are lighter in color and thinner in material, some popular wash jeans are Vintage wash, Dirty wash, and Stone wash.