What is App Development

App development is a process to make or create an app that is compatible to run on most mobile phone platforms, and can function according to the purpose it has been developed for. A mobile platform refers to an operating system, and all mobile brands have different operating systems (OS). For example, Apple’s devices run on iOS while Android is another operating system that is run on mobiles of Google and some other brands. On the other hand, Windows mobiles have Windows OS and Blackberry has RIM. Since every operating system has its own rules and regulations, developing an app for specific OS platform calls for specific requirements. For example, if you are making an app for iOS based devices, you would need to employ C Objective language while Java language will be needed to create an app for Android mobiles.

When it comes to make an app for mobile devices with different platforms, you can’t just create an app and pass it over to all platforms. In order to create a mobile app, it is necessary that you understand the requirements of the mobile OS platform you are creating the app for Besides, it is vital to know which app store you would like to have your app displayed in for downloads. Since, every mobile app store comes with its own requirements; it is a must that your app must act in accordance with all the necessities.

Many experts also describe apps development as the process of developing application software that can go with on low-powered handheld gadgets such as enterprise digital assistants, mobile phones personal digital assistant, tablets and so forth. There are different ways to get access to an application. Some of these are preinstalled on devices during their manufacturing process while some are downloaded by users from apps stores of a mobile device. Besides, there are also a number of web apps that can be downloaded from server-side or user-side processing that usually provides app kind of experience within the restraints of a web browser.

There are many kinds of applications available for mobile devices including educational, games, entertainment, informational, utility, banking, traveling, stores, and so on. Generally, an app development takes place depending on what your goal or purpose is. When you are sure about your needs to create an app the next step is to decide on what OS platform you like to choose for your mobile app. Statistic shows, Android based mobile phones have a high market penetration. However, most mobile users tend to go for applications that are free of cost regardless of what operating system they are compatible with. In addition, there are a number of OS variations of Android development that can be even more challenging when creating an app. On the other hand, Apple serves a high number of users, and records verify that more people are willing to pay for apps available on iPhones or iPads. However, app development tends to be even more difficult in term of meeting requirements revealed by Apple.