Most of plus size women want to look sexy in heels. The mindset that is put across of skinny + heels = sexy is wrong. Heels can look sexy for plus size, underweight and all women. The shoe size, design and perhaps the brand may differ but we are all in the same boat.

Made to measure boots are worth considering when you are looking for that perfect heel. These boots are made with your specific measurements for anyone of any size. I would recommend leather and velvet boots for maximum comfort and style.

Brands to look out for, which accommodate large calves and wide feet, are Diane von Furstenberg and Ferragamo. They have a huge selection of heels and pumps in all sizes. For even hotter heels that have a comfortable fit as an added bonus for the plus size women, you should not be without Stuart Weitzman collection. Our tastes differ but He accommodates this by offering large array of style.

Most plus size women avoid heels because they are associated with back pain, sole pain, ankle pain and who knows what else. Well, this is not entirely true for all heels. If you must know, flat shoes are not necessarily the solution; rather they only make that pain even worse. Think about it, did you ever feel the pain gone when you wore those flat pumps or nothing really changed?

On the contrary, Heels will solve the problem for you opposed to the popular belief that they only make it worse. If you have back pain, heels propel your body forward, relieving the pain from your back. How high should it be? As long as it is an inch going up, you are in safe shoes.

Stilettos have a thin heel, and as a result make life very difficult for a plus size woman. Well, there is a solution to that problem. You can still wear the same size of heel but with a thicker heel. This will support your weight better, and offer you a more comfortable alternative. Furthermore a thick heel and a round toe pump will do justice, at a work function, date or out with friends. You can pull this one off easily with the right outfit.

A pair of platforms should not be found missing in your wardrobe. These will balance a wide foot when you buy platforms with a thicker heel. Your weight is distributed evenly, leaving you comfortable and looking good. A halter dress will be a great compliment to these shoes.

Besides the brand, and type of shoe, it’s also advisable to try on that shoe and walk around in it before you purchase it. Heels can be painful for all sizes and not just heels for plus size women. The right fit will, go a long way in minimizing pain and maximizing comfort.  A heel pad will also help in minimizing pain, especially if you are going to be putting them on for more than an hour.