Virtual private server is commonly written and known as VPS. It is a virtual machine runs on a single computer like many others. It runs in a software, it is almost as per the functionality a separate physical computer. It also acts like a dedicated server when using in a shared hosting environment. Technically, it has the ability to work as both dedicated and shared hosting server. Simply it can be defined as multiple virtual servers running on a single physical server. The basic concept of virtualization is to run multiple programs on a single machine with the dedication to a single customer needs. A customer might ask for privacy on a separate computer and this virtual computer appears as one.

The virtualization actually increases the concept of a basic computer. What it shares is actually the access to the sources and the sharing is in the same single machine, this is the traditional model concept. Now as the development has taken place, visualization models brought the concept of more than one computer in a single machine. A virtual private server is always divided to have its own OS, hard drive and bandwidth. Why is it divided? A physical server is used for virtual private server hosting. Server is then partitioned into many spaces and that makes its own virtual server. The customer or the one who has the account is able to see only the partition he owns, he can work on that only and also can reboot the server whenever he needs to, which acts like a dedicated server to him. However, the choice of operating system must be made by opting for either Windows VPS or Linux VPS. The space of the portion one has acts like a physical machine but it is actually one of the many partitions of one physical server. It is an ideal server for websites for which a dedicated server is required. It easily manages to be an intelligent way between shared and dedicated hosting.

You may find Linux VPS and also Windows VPS depending on your required operating system. Both the operating systems have their own benefits and again it totally depends on your needs. You must always evaluate which one will fulfill your needs: would it be Linux VPS or the Windows VPS. A VPS saves your cost for your own physical server. The security it provides is that any other user cannot access to your account in any way and you also cannot access to any other account though you are all in one physical machine. The main and basic purpose of virtual private server is that it decreases the cost of the companies for buying their own server which not only cost them a lot but are also very difficult to look after. Having a virtual private server you don’t need to buy the hardware for own server and keep it up-to-date with the latest security patches. VPS is divided into many users but everyone is separated from the other user account. This is your own server and you can install anything you like, any operating system you want.