What Do My Cleaning Products Contain?

Cleaning our homes is a task that we have to cope with over and over again every other day. It’s an endless cycle of providing ourselves with cleanness at home because we want the best for the health of our family and ours as well. That’s understandable and essential. However, in the process of trying to do the best for ourselves, we sometimes forget one important fact – that most commercial cleaning products are not that harmless at all. In fact, some of them are so toxic, that used regularly, they can have an even more negative effect on the health than dirt can. Cleaning is indeed inevitable but to do it properly, we need a better understanding of what the cleaning products we use to clean our homes really contain. Everyone should be aware of the fact that some detergents are too chemical and very bad for the health, hiding potential risks to cause very unpleasant respiratory or skin problems. Here is more information about the risks chemical-based cleaning products hide and also what to do to avoid toxins when we clean at home as much as possible.

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The Issue

What a person expects from a cleaning product when purchasing one, is that it’s effective and can clean. However, that’s far not the only thing we should be concerned about. When it comes to using ordinary commercial cleaning products, the biggest problem is our health. Most cleaning products that the market is flooded with are highly chemical and thus very bad for the organism. Used regularly, such detergents can easily affect our health, by causing a number of respiratory and skin problems. We usually use a variety of scented soaps, polishes, cleaning agents, softeners, powders and many other cleaning products, without paying attention to the fact that they are really bad for us. Inhaling or touching regularly such chemical products will surely show its bad effects in some time, depending on the product itself. Some of them cause immediate reactions, such as watery eyes or skin burns, while others work their way to our health more slowly, leaving chronic results, such as cancer. And no one would want that. Therefore, it’s extremely important for measure to be taken.

Dangerous Cleaning Products

Some of the most dangerous cleaning products that we use to clean our homes are oven cleaners, ammonia bleachers, corrosive drain cleaners and acidic toilet bowl cleaning products. All of them can cause severe skin or eyes burns. Ammonia and bleachers release fumes that can irritate the eyes, throat, nose and lungs, especially when used by people who suffer from asthma or hearth problems. Combining cleaning products that contain ammonia and chlorine can even form toxic gases. Strong fragrances in many detergents can cause respiratory problems, headache and allergies.

There’s more. Chemical-based cleaning products are not only harmful to the health, they aren’t safe for the environment as well.

The Solution

The best way to cope with the problem and make sure you protect your health while cleaning your home, is to switch to green cleaners. Using natural products in cleaning has become very popular in the past few years. More and more people have decided to lead a healthier lifestyle that also allows them to show their concern for the nature. There are certain brands that offer green cleaning products. They are usually a bit more expensive than traditional chemical-based ones. However, the difference green detergents make to the health is significant, which makes them much more preferred. Some people, who don’t want to spend more money on cleaning, choose another option – to make their own cleaning products, using only natural elements. The most used products which can be used to clean in a way that is safe for the environment are vinegar and lemon. Both are strong cleaners that show very effective results when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. They are also inexpensive, easy to get, ecologically-friendly and can be applied to basically anything you want to clean.