What are Pressure Tanks' Main Function?

An air pressure tank is a plumbing device that uses compressed air to push water from a water source upward. In homes that have two or more stories, pressure tanks are needed to push water from a ground water source to the plumbing fixtures above. Air pressure tanks are also used in the manufacturing industries, as they allow a constant and steady source of liquid being dispensed into the manufacturing line–which is vital for profuct efficiency and accuracy.

In most suburban homes, pressure tanks are generally known to help pumps function better by allowing them to run when they need to be on, and keeping the pressure consistent to avoid water hammer instances. Pressure tanks also ensure the constant flow of water, so that when you are in a floor above, you can enjoy a stream of water from the tap, not short bursts with irregular pressure.

Steel is commonly used to construct a pressure tank. Parts would have to be wielded together to shape the pressure tank. There are also standards for vessels that are used in either low or high temperatures or in special cases. Pressure tanks have build in safety features to prevent unnecessary leakage from happening. Safety valves are installed to ensure that the pressure inside the pressure tank does not except in operation. There are also leak before burst features. This feature guarantees that a crack in the vessel will grow through the wall, allowing the pressure to be reduced at a manageable speed.

Most pressure tank types are used with private wells. The tanks operate at a pressure of 20 pounds per square inch and hold extra water in their system to ensure this consistent flow.

There are various sizes of pressure tanks. The larger ones may be more expensive, but they can hold more water so the pump switch will be turned on less, extending it’s life.

When everything is said and done, pressure tanks are definitely one of those specialized machines that help make our lives easier but we often don’t know much about it and forget to ask the right questions so that we can make sure we can handle troubleshooting it if the need arises. There is a lot of information online about pressure tanks which will be useful for any newbie. Online forums also have experts who can explain to you in layman terms what you should remember and what you shouldn’t do so that you are kept safe even with the pressure tank in your home or business.