Wedding fashion, just like everyday fashion, sees its share of trends. Wedding Veils had sadly been passed over by many brides for a period of time as they were considered old fashioned, but now these beautiful and classic wedding accoutrements are enjoying a new era of popularity.

If you are currently planning your wedding, you won’t want to be without this bridal accessory. Wedding Veils come in a wide variety of styles to suit the fashion preferences of any bride. Whether your dress is a cutting-edge modern design or whispers of times gone by, you will be able to find a veil that compliments your gown perfectly.

Top 10 Types of Wedding Veils
  • Standard Cut with Round Corners: This is the most popular veil cut, with rounded corners and a simple gathering at the comb, it comes in every imaginable length and number of layers
  • Standard Cut with Square Corners: With gathering at the comb and square corners, this style of veil is typically edged in lace
  • Rectangular cut: Similar to gathered veils, except without rounding of the corners
  • Oval Cut: Slightly rounded corners, usually shorter in length, this veil can be comprised of a singular layer or multiple layers
  • Center Gathered: A round cut with center gathers to add fullness at the crown of the head
  • Handkerchief Cut: Rectangular in shape with gathered corners
  • Drop Veil: A long, traditional veil with an attached blusher, which is the piece that covers the face and is pulled back for the wedding kiss.
  • Angel Cut: A softly tapering v-cut veil
  • Mantilla Cut: a transparent veil with no gathering at the comb, it curls gently around the shoulders
  • Cascade Cut: short in the front, falling into longer layers in the back. Reminiscent of paintings of the Madonna
Within these cuts you will find endless options for length, fabric, and types of adornments. You can choose from a variety of laces, satin, silk, and tulle, organza, Swiss dot, chiffon, and many other fabrics. Embellishments can be minimalist or have the added bling-factor of Swarovski crystals, pearls, feathers, or anything else you can dream up. Your veil can be so short that it only partially covers your face, often called a blusher, or so long that it trails several feet behind you. Some wedding veils are comprised of both the long piece of fabric and the short blusher.

Your wedding veil will enhance wedding photographs, adds dramatic effect to your walk down the aisle, and can accentuate your dress in such a way that it makes it look like a whole new outfit. It will be a keepsake that you will cherish and can hand down, or many brides choose to have pieces of it incorporated into quilts or other cherished objects that can be seen and used on a daily basis for years to come. The resurgence in popularity of this classic wedding accessory is a trend you will be glad you incorporated into your special day.