Ways In Which High Impact Exercises Can Improve Your Health

Everyone wants a good health, so they can live a long healthy life without the fear of contracting diseases. But this is not always the case, our body is not invincible and can be infected. But the rate of infection is well not beyond our control.

Fractured brittle and weak bones are probably are caused by the little mistakes or precautions we forget to take when we are young and sometimes, when we are old. The following are ways in which high impact exercise can improve your bone health and therefore make you less prone to diseases.

The harder we exercise our bones the stronger they become

This might be a theory you had since the 90’s but it’s definitely true. High impact exercises help your muscles and your bones gain balance, co-ordination and strength. Exercises that involve working against gravity are the most popular in increasing bone health.

While traveling in EAA countries you need not be afraid, the ehic card always assures you of safety. High impact exercises should be practiced anywhere and by anyone without any fear.

Reduces your risk of contracting osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that is caused by lack of enough bone mass in mostly adults over 40 years old. When we are young our bone mass in continuously increasing. By the time we are thirty years our bone mass grows less than it dies therefore making us vulnerable to osteoporosis. High impact Exercise increases our bone mass and therefore reduces the risks of contracting osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis occurs in situations whereby a healthy person would not normally break a bone. They mostly affect the vertebral column, the hip, the ribs and wrist.

Reduce the risk of hip fracture

High impact exercises increase our bone strength and muscles and therefore hugely reduces the chances of occurrence of hip fractures during falls. Hip fracture comes with a lot of risks such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and increased mortality.

Help reduce pain in arthritis patients

In this case, the exercise must not start as high impact, but as practice proceeds along, high impact exercises will help reduce immense amount of pain in arthritis. However, people suffering from arthritis have to consult with their doctors first before embarking on it. Not only does high impact exercise lower pain in arthritis patients but it also reduces chance of infection and inflammation of the bone.

Slows the loss of bone density

Bone density is prone to reduce with age. High Impact exercise can however slow the process of this loss and therefore keep you stronger for longer. High Impact Exercise also allows for the build-up of more bone marrow during the prime years of development and therefore a lot of it to save when production is not as mush in the later stages.

High impacts exercise are fit for the development of our bones and muscles, they immensely reduce the risk of fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis. The ehic card, however, provides with the confidence to live safely and unafraid of fractures so osteoporosis while traveling outside the country into a member of EAA countries.