Whether it is a personal computer or a server for a large business, it has a database that contains very important and much needed data of the owner. Needless to say, the concerned persons try to protect their database as much as they can but sometimes it becomes just inevitable to escape from data loss. This is when backup recovery comes in and the planning for disaster recovery is put to test. It is almost similar to restarting a game from a previously saved checkpoint is case your power has gone down in the middle of a mission. Data loss could be unbearable for the owner if their business relies on the information that is dependent on database. This is the age of modern science and information technology has taken control over almost everything. From a small restaurant to the biggest companies in the world, they are doing their business successfully and they are totally dependent on the database which holds each and every bit of their data. So backup recovery is just like giving a new life to a dead environment to them.
Backup recovery is done by means of softwares that come up with the operating system or that are provided by third parties and cost a lot of money. Third party softwares include Norton Ghost, Nova Backup, Acronis Image and many other and these are preferred over built in windows backup in the market. Buy them from the manufacturer does not serve the purpose fully because you have to install them on your server or your personal computer and do the maintenance according to your backup strategy. This keeps your database secure even in the case of data loss because you can recover your most recent files and settings and but still some very recent file loss is inevitable.
There are softwares like Norton Ghost that make Backup Recovery even easier than before. Using such softwares you can make exact same database on an external hard drive or DVD. After doing that you can maintain this media on-site and off-site. These media will do the backup recovery in no time when needed. These softwares come up with different user friendly features such as ‘data browser’ by which you can view files and folders before actually start recovering them. This helps in saving a lot of time and makes backup recovery selective and prompt. Such softwares are not very expensive, easy to install and no professional training is required to run them.