UAE Tour: TOP 6 Rules and Secrets of Arabian Comfort

As the phrase goes each according to his needs. This is, probably, the best way to describe your journey in UAE – Arabian tale, shopping paradise, driving adventures. This country cannot stop you from being surprised of everything you meet. Capricious women become enthusiastic, having rest on sandy beaches and clean blue water. Inspired extreme lovers explore underwater, water and sandy world of UAE. Tourists like go shopping, learning everything about famous brands and traditional street markets.

Dubai is a city of contrasts. You can easily combine everything here: nature view from the window of you hotel, camels in the center of the city, business-centers and business-cars. There are some rules and secrets you should know to make your trip comfortable for all occasions.

Special aspects of Arabian service
The service is always on high! You know, it does not really matter how many stars you hotel has. All servants respect you as much as they value their own reputation, so, work. If the worker is fired for being unfit for the position, he obliged to find a new job in short terms. Otherwise, he will be deported from the county.

Limitations and taboos

UAE is a country of strict laws. There is no place for criminality here. It is absolutely safe to walk the streets in the daytime or at night. You should remember that wearing swimming suits is recommended just on the beach or at the hotel’s pool. There is one more important rule: it is prohibited to take picture of Arabian women – this action is considered to be abuse. It is not recommended to take picture of banks, state buildings and other important state objects.

The lid is on gambling. It is also prohibited to take the sun on the beach, being naked. Beer, wine and other alcohol drinks are prohibited to be drunk on the street, beach and other public places. .Spending time in UAE you should swim carefully as far as most of Arabian beaches are situated by the side of Persian Gulf, being unpredictable, so, dangerous.


Attention: it is prohibited to carry alcohol in UAE or out of the country. As a rule, drinking alcohol in public places, sale, resale or drinking-and-driving are considered to be major infractions.

Laying on the beach

It is not a secret that Arabian beaches are the top things that attract the most. You can toast the sun, surrounded by chic and elegance. You know, the less time you have for rest, the more comfortable your rest should be. Besides, having rest on Persian and Oman Gulf is still exotic. There is one more advantage of Arabian tour – fresh impressions: snow-white clothes, camel racing, and tasty smells of perfumes, fragrance, spices, and lots of golden bijou and decorations. You should also visit to find some of the perfect beach chairs.

Shopping tips

Shopping is one more popular reason, why people come to UAE. Frankly speaking, being here, you can understand how comfortable Arabian trip is, in every sense of the word. This is a real shopping paradise – anything for your money! Do you want shopping? – Here you are. There are lots of huge shopping centers, full of traditional and specific goods. You can feel special Arabian amplitude everywhere: boutiques and Gold & Diamond Park — megamall.


If you like street shops, there is an opportunity to haggle over the price in Dubai or Sharjah, sending the prices for a nice carpet or Arabian pointed shoes down. Look around – there is always something interesting here!

Exploring suburbs

UAE combines modern infrastructure with primitive landscape. You can listen to Bedouins’ singing under the starry sky, drive modern jeeps to walk the desert. If you want something special, you can go skiing from the biggest mountain in Ski Dubai, smelling fresh fir trees. Diving lovers will be surprised with original swimming in Dubai Aquarium in a big company of sharks and tinkers.

Having fun with children, there is nothing to get hang around. Arabian people like children, offering all sorts of various entertainments for them. Finally, everyone can enjoy the beautiful city view from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, having romantic dinner here.



Visiting Dubai, or any other Arabian city, you should know that city territory is big and the climate is really hot. Frankly speaking, the most beautiful cities with the hottest climate in the world are situated here – in UAE. So, there is a big area for tourists to learn and see. Renting car is the best decision to have a comfortable city trip and suburbs. Have you ever seen those cars, you were proposed to hire? They are corgis.

People visit UAE for different reasons. This country is famous of its numerous merits:

Exciting shopping. It is more enjoying to go shopping at the sales period, when you can buy all that you can wish for. It is really cheap and exciting.
Business sphere. Dubai is a financial center of the country. All important economic questions should be solved here.
Good rest. There is a nice opportunity to have rest and forget about all your problems. UAE can help to recover, restore your strength, positive energy and fresh impressions.
Sport capital. Dubai is a sport center of Arabian countries. Sport competitions of different scale and composition take place there.


Words fail to convey true feelings. There is one thing, which is common for all people, visiting UAE – this country leaves the brightest impressions. You can rent car in Dubai in the airport, or any other place that is convenient for you. You can do it online, or clearing all details with the manager. Renting car service is very popular for both, locals and tourists. It helps to save your time in order to spend it comfortably for other interesting places that you’ve already planned.

Hiring the car you will drive and visit all interesting city sight, beaches and sea fronts. Car gives you an opportunity to visit as many shops as you wish, without special efforts, enjoying process to the full. Don’t forget that UAE is a number of beautiful cities, so, jump in your car and visit all of them right now.