We have a variety of Clone drivers that have been assembled for golfers with different skills. There is the titanium shaped drivers as well as offset over-sized which have weights that can easily be adjusted. The Turner T13 is among drivers that are easily adjustable and give the golfers a chance to adjust the driver’s flight pattern. There is the new aerodynamic design that has an increased head speed that makes them maximize on the distance. The drivers come in white crown and sleek faces that improve confidence and makes them preferred by most of the golfers. The Turner T13 drivers incorporate adjustable weight and each driver comes pre-installed with weight of between 2-3 grams. The drivers come with 1 wrench, 1 extra 2 grams weight and 1 extra 8 gram weight.

The Z-18 Clone driver is one of the few drivers designed for all skill levels. It has weight that helps it to launch the ball efficiently with optimum height but has lower spin which enables it to spin the maximum distance more accurately. This driver incorporates the modern technology of new face cap which expands the hitting Zone and makes the sweet spot more effective. The drivers are capable of a higher inertia that enables them find a fairway with more forgiveness.  Among the notable specifications of this Clone driver is its weight of 200 grams, the face height of 54 mm, the drivers’ volume of 460cc, face thickness of 3.0-2.8 and many others.

Grand Hawk XR-F Drivers

These are clone drivers that incorporate adjustable weight and give the golfers the ability to adjust the driver’s flight pattern. Its cup face is specifically designed and shaped to enable it increase the effectiveness of the sweet spot. This shape allows it to generate hotter ball speeds that are very effective for maximum playing. The driver’s center of gravity is optimum and generates enough inertia for an absolute perfect trajectory. The drivers have a combination of black, silver and red colors that makes it look good when it plays. If you are a golfer interested in improving your game with a flight control capability this is the best type for you.

If the above clone drivers do not offer you the quality you may be looking for, the Grand Hawk XR-Black Titanium Driver is one of the drivers you would certainly consider. If you are looking for accuracy and long distance attack on the course, this driver boasts of an aerodynamic 360 cup face that increases the effectiveness of the driver and helps in generating the ball speed that makes the play more enjoyable. This is what makes the players develop confidence and improve their game tremendously. The driver weighs approximately 196 grams with a face height of 52.5 mm and a diameter of 0.335 Parallel Tip. It comes in black color and has a face thickness of 3.0-2.8 mm.

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