Social media portals have gained an immense popularity in the eyes of online marketing. Everyone can understand that social media can do wonders for their business, which can help them in growing their business substantially. Twitter is considered to be amongst the most popular social media portals in the world. It is a tool where a person or an organization can continuously ‘tweet’ their thoughts about different products, service or business. Initially, it was only used by some learned people who used to share their thoughts or popular quotes through tweeting them. But later, business owners understood its potential and these days, almost every business has an account on Twitter. You can easily see the links of Facebook or Twitter on their websites. Whenever you will click on those links, it will take you to their respective Twitter or Facebook account.

Twitter basically works with the help of ‘followers’ and ‘following’. Followers are the people who are following your activities and they have subscribed you after you have approved them to do so whereas following means those people whom you are following. It is not necessary that these accounts are only handled by people. Different business or companies or products have also created their Twitter accounts and they keep tweeting about the activities that are happening within their business.

But first of all, it is necessary that you should have a good amount of Twitter followers who have subscribed for your updates. You can ask your social media expert to do that for you. You can either hire an individual expert or you can hire the services of an online marketing company who is efficient enough to promote your business. You can increase your followers by sending invitations to people who are associated to your business or who comes under your target market. But it is necessary to segment them properly because you can’t add random people who have no interest in your product or business.

You can either use your Twitter account to tweet about your products or you can use it in assisting you in your online marketing strategies. Basically, you are only allowed to tweet certain amount of characters and it’s a kind of a limitation but you can send as many tweets during the day as you want. Many people use these tweets to promote the link of different web-pages on their website. They also use it to promote a certain video or blog as well.  But usually, they wrap those links by using, which helps them in shortening the big links. In this way, they can easily tweet a link along with a small description. It is necessary to rethink before tweeting because a lot of people are misusing it by abusing people or companies etc.