Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Japan

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Japan is a unique blend of the modern and traditional. You will find lots of buildings and temples from the past beautifully co-existing with modern achievements in technology and architecture. One day you can enjoy exploring the Japanese history while the next can take you on an explosive journey of the latest technological advancements. A great part about Japan is that most of its historical sites are open to the public and still serve their original purpose. You can enjoy the country’s beauty all year round and its low crime rate makes it an excellent spot for tourists.

If you are traveling to this beautiful and breathtaking place, here is a list of the top attractions to visit in Japan:

Golden Pavilion

The most popular tourist attract in Kyoto and Japan is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku-ji. Originally built in the late 14th century as Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu’s retirement villa, the pavilion was burnt down by a young monk in 1950 who had gotten obsessed with it. The temple was built in the exact same way as the original after 5 years. The gardens and the buildings are in perfect harmony and the gold leaf covers the pavilion.

Mount Fuji

At 3,776 meters, the highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji. The exceptionally symmetrical cone of the volcano is a renowned symbol of the country and is widely depicted in photographs and art. Climbers and sightseers also find it fascinating as estimates show that about 200,000 individuals climb it annually and 30% are tourists.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

This is the home of the Emperor of Japan and also works as a museum showcasing the history and art of the country and is used as an administration center. Ruins of older castles lie beneath the palace, which were destroyed by war or fire. The past has been honored by architects as the modern palace comprises of various design elements from different eras. Traditional Japanese gardens surround the modern palace and there are a number of function and reception rooms for welcoming the guests and the public.

Tokyo Tower

Perhaps the greatest symbol of the technological advancement in Japan is Tokyo Tower, which also highlights its modern life. The design of the Eiffel tower served as an inspiration for this one and it is the second-tallest structure in Japan made by man. The Tokyo Tower serves as an observation and communications tower. You will discover unparalleled views of Tokyo from the surrounding areas and there are also restaurants and shops you can enjoy.

Todaji Temple

A great feat of engineering that you can see in Japan is the Todaji Temple. Located in Nara, it is said to be the largest wooden building worldwide and you can also find the largest bronze statue of Buddha. There is lots of wildlife surrounding the place along with beautiful gardens and it has a horde of artifacts from Buddhist and Japanese history.

Your visit to Japan will not be complete if you don’t check out these awesome tourist spots.