Top Tips on How to Start Your Toy Collection

In the advent of popular shows on Netflix like “The Toys that Made Us” and Discovery Channel’s “Toy Hunter,” people suddenly became nostalgic as they are taken down memory lane. As nostalgia runs high, you try to reconnect with all those fantastic toys that defined what your childhood time was. Toy collecting, like the transformers g1 toys, has become one of today’s favorite past times. You have to admit, it is a lot of fun collecting toys instead of the usual coins and stamps, especially now that you can finally follow that lifelong childish dream of having everything you want. So how do you start your very first toy collection?

Choose a toy line

 This may seem challenging, but a toy collection evolves. You can choose any toy to your liking. You can even mash up toys from different eras. To get you started, pick out a toy line that is not so rare, ideally one with a collector community around it. Some of the most popular toy lines suitable for collection include Star Trek, Barbie, Star Wars, transformers g1 toys, Polly Pocket, He-Man, GI Joe, and Masters of the Universe.

Learn and understand the lingo

As surprising and weird as it may seem, toy collecting has its distinct language that you have to learn by heart, especially if you have a plan on purchasing toys online. The jargon and terms are generally in service of the most basic question: do you wish to buy a brand-new toy? Or one that has not been opened? Are you looking for a toy that you can play with?

Mint on Card (MOC) means that the toy is secured with a card behind it before covered with a plastic bubble. Mint in Package (MIP) and Mint on Box (MOB) means the toy is sealed, brand-new, but not in carded packages. These jargon are interchangeably used, so you need to be wary about it. NIB or NIP (New in Box/ New in Package), describes a toy’s packaging. But to be sure, it always pays to carefully check the product descriptions and photos of the toys before you commit to purchasing.

“Loose toys” are also other options. These are the toys that no longer come with their original packaging. These can either be totally liberated or can be played with (Loose in the Box). LIB can also be a toy where its packaging is opened, but the toy is not removed from the box. However, this will significantly depend on how you feel about packaging. Some collectors find this very important.

Making the First Purchase

It is normal to feel excited and giddy the moment you first lay your eyes on the toy you love. But don’t get too excited as there may be items with conditions that are not really what you it seems like at first glance. There are several websites and online shops to start your toy shopping. Auctions are also the right places to check.

Collecting vintage toys is fulfilling and fun. It knows no ages, and the joy it gives you brings back all those wonderful childhood memories. Gone are those days when you have to beg for toys from your parents. This time, you can finally fulfill that lifelong dream of having ALL the toys you want.