If you’re planning to design an entire website with the use of Photoshop, a few things must be considered before you start. However, using Photoshop in order to design a website would be a great way to do it, as there are unlimited things you can do.


Every website, whether a business website oor a fun one, has several pages. There are main pages which further go down to finally get to call-to-action pages where visitors either find what they are looking for or turn into the buyers of your products or services. However, for your visitors to reach final page they need to be directed here, and this is something for which a crucial role is played by navigation. As per most of the expert webmasters, it is best to make your website visitors reach the destination page within three or even lesser clicks.

Therefore, when you are using Photoshop to create your website, you should keep this concept in mind and make sure that your visitors reache the final page in the least number of clicks. Such a layout must be well planned prior to beginning the design.

Width of Your Website

It is really important to watch the width of your website, especially today because there are numerous different screens which would be utilized for viewing the website. Everything from computers to iPhones, Notebooks, Smartphones, Kindles, etc. are used for browsing the website. So, you need to ensure that your website is either based on responsive web design or use Photoshop for creating a particular website design for each of the screen sizes. Most of the monitors have a 1024 X 768 pixels resolution. But, you are advised to develop your website keeping a high screen resolution, in fact design with as high resolution as possible, because it would make your website look perfect on all the devices.

Understand the Difference Between Screen and a Paper

One of the most common and biggest mistakes web designers make while developing a website using Photoshop is that they do not realize the fact that what appears to be great on paper does not need to necessarily look the same on screen too. When you are designing your website you must make sure that the overall layout and background of the page are not too cluttered as you are going to have other multimedia too, such as videos and images which would be added in the website design. You must make certain that the CSS stylesheet you use to make the page is integrated into the HTML of final pages. CMS platform that you are using must be good and should accept your web design as well.

Finally, always plan in advance. If you are a professional web designer, make sure what you design using photoshop is possible for you to code up in future. It is more embarrassing you can’t explain to a customer why you’re unable to create what you showed them in beginning than not having a wonderful design. Know your limitations when using Photoshop, and do not make life difficult for yourself.