Top Benefits of Using Pop Up Displays at Trade Shows

Every business puts in a considerable amount of effort in keeping their company up-to-date and use the latest technology. After all, you want to provide your clients with the very bust that your industry has to offer. However, if there is one area that’s neglected by a business is their displays at trade shows. You have to bear in mind that your portable trade show booths should be just as cutting edge as any service or product you offer. One of the latest innovations in trade shows pop up displays. They are ingenious creations, which enable you to fashion a more dynamic space that will immediately get noticed, thereby letting you refine and define your brand image.

When you update your older displays to pop-up exhibits, you will be able to get an excellent return on investment in your shows. Highlighted below are some of the top benefits that a business can enjoy when they decide to use pop-up displays at trade shows:

Easy and light

One of the biggest benefits of using pop up displays is that breaking them down or assembling them is extremely easy and they are also lightweight. The cover and frames are constructed with modern materials, which are durable yet light. Most of them weight between 10 and 50 pounds. The frames of these displays just ‘pop’ open and are able to guide the joints into proper place on their own. You just need to keep them stable by looking them into place. Hence, they require very little help from you and can be set up and packed quickly.


When you decide to use a pop up display, a whole world of opportunity opens up for you. Since they are easy to use and light, they can provide incredible versatility for your booth. You are not limited to a first-floor location if your whole booth can go up in one ride on the elevator. Moreover, you can also set up a trade show booth at local events instead of just sticking to the main ones in the industry, which means more exposure for your business.


Since they are lightweight, pop up displays become quite portable. You can fold them down into small bundles, which can be carried by hand and then transported in a compact car. In fact, some are small enough to be taken in your carry-on luggage if you are travelling cost country and you don’t have to pay heavy shipping charges.


The pop up displays available nowadays make use of the latest technology in fabric printing and fabrics for creating beautiful and memorable displays. Over the years, the process of fabric printing has transformed and the results are very attractive and impressive. The photos are life-like and the text is razor sharp. You can easily see the graphic elements on these displays over long distances. Thus, there are a number of ways these displays can be customized to suit a business and have the right effect.