Top Benefits of using Integrated Online Donation Forms

There was once a time when taking donations meant that you had to meet people face-to-face so they would know who they were donating to. Sometimes, you had to wait for people to mail in their contributions and it could be a time consuming process. Luckily, the entire donation process has become easier and simpler thanks to technology. It is now possible for organizations to accept donations online. In fact, the introduction of integrated online donation forms has actually made gift collection rather effortless.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy by using integrated online donation forms on your website are:

Considerable time saved on data entry

Receiving donations the traditional way meant that you had to put in a lot of time in managing the never-ending amount of data. This not only included the donation amount, but also the name and contact details of the donor and a variety of other information ranging from credit card and check numbers to summation of donations from specific contributors. The initial online donation forms were also quite similar and required some work on your part, but the development of integrated online forms has changed that. With these donation forms, all information is automatically transferred to your system and you can save considerable time.

Errors are reduced

Manual data entry can lead to a large number of mistakes. After all, everyone is human and it is a given that there will be errors every now and then. However, even a slight error can lead to huge problems because all the data entered thereafter might be wrong as well and it can be immensely difficult to spot a mistake. With integrated online donation forms, the data is directly integrated into the system and the chances of mistakes and errors are greatly reduced.

Donors know where their donation is going

One of the biggest questions that people have when making donations is where their money is going? Everyone wants to ensure that their money is being put to good use and is helping a cause they support. As there are numerous scam artists out there who take advantage of people’s goodwill. With integrated online donation forms, your donors will know exactly where their money is being spent. They will be able to track their money and rest assured that they are not being trapped in any scheme.

Personal forms can be made

While reducing errors and saving time are undoubtedly the best benefits of online integrated donation forms, the best advantage that it gives to an organization is the branding. Your branding is defined by the language, colors and logos you use and you now have the option of customizing your forms so you can do it the right way. Branded online donation forms have a positive impact on your business in the long run.

These are some great benefits of using integrated online donation forms on your website and can boost efficiency as well as the number of donations as the process is hassle-free.