As compared to regular movies, animated ones fall into an entirely different category. Therefore, the top animated movies are also different. In the past, endless pictures had to be made by artists and these were moving figures because they were used for making animated movies. However, with the progress and advancement in technology, the world of animation has evolved considerably. The images are now manipulated on the computer by the modern animator.

Furthermore, in the past, animated movies were especially made and created for kids and young children. These included movies like Cinderella and Snow White. Nevertheless, today, when you go to the cinemas, you will find that movies like Nemo and Shrek are being watched by adults and there are no kids in sight. Thus, this means that no longer is animation restricted to the young ones only. Families can enjoy these movies together.

There are several animated movies released that have taken place in everyone’s hearts. The top movies are:

  • A Disney production, ‘Shrek 2’ is one of the top animated movies and was released in theatres in the year 2004. A gross income of about $920, 665,658 was made by this movie worldwide. The first Shrek had appeared in 2001 and three years later ‘Shrek 2’ had been released. The original Shrek is the 9th profitable animated movie of all time, while its successor holds the top position. 
  • A Dreamworks production, ‘Finding Nemo’ was the second best animated movie. $864, 625,978 was the total gross income the movie made all over the world.
  • The oldest movie in the top 10 animation movies of all time is the third animated movie that was highly profitable. Released in 1994, ‘The Lion King’ made $783, 841,776 as its worldwide gross income in total.
  • A Disney production, ‘The Incredibles’ was the fourth animated movie and had a release date in 2004. $631, 436,092 is the total gross income earned by this movie all over the globe.
  • Released in the year 2001, ‘Monster’s Inc.’ was the fifth animated movie and its worldwide gross income totaled $529, 061,238. 
  • A Dreamworks production, ‘Madagascar’ was the six animated movie that was launched in 2005. $527, 890,631 was the total gross income of this movie worldwide.
  • In 1992, the movie ‘Aladdin’ was released that became the seventh animated movie and was a Dreamworks production. The gross income of this movie from all over the world was around $504, 050,219.
  • A Disney production, ‘Toy Story 2’ was the eighth animated movie of all time from the year 1999. Its worldwide total gross income was worth $485, 015,179. 
  • ‘Shrek’ was the ninth animated movie of all time and earned around half of what was made by ‘Shrek 2’; $484, 409,218. 
  • In 1999, the animated movie called ‘Tarzan’ was released that was the tenth one. This Disney movie made total worldwide gross earnings of about $449, 391,819. 

This list clearly indicates that the animation industry is being led by Disney and Dreamworks and their success has been greatly boosted by the advanced animation technology.