Interior Design Trends for 2014

New Year is all about new beginnings and your house is no exception to the rule. The roof under which so many souls live together and share their lives has to be refurbished from time to time, in order to open the gates of new and fresh energies. And there could not be a better time for it than the beginning of 2014. The interiors of the house play an important role in setting its theme and the essence of you home and the members living there up to a large extent. Before the physical decoration of your house takes place, most of the time the house is already adorned with beautiful interiors in your imagination. Catering to the aesthetics forms an integral part of interior designing, and the more they fall in sync with each other, the better the designing turns out to be. Besides this, knowing the latest trends and decorating your house according to that only adds to the class and beauty of your house. Here are the most popular interior design trends that are prevalent at this time.

1. All Neat Kitchens

All Neat Kitchens

This basically refers to the kitchens which follow a monochromatic theme and are painted in a single white hue. The one color painted on all the walls along with the matching transparent or glass accessories to decorate the kitchen and appliances which are also white in color brings about certain kind of composure into the place. All white kitchens also give the impression of clean and sorted minds and spaced out eating habits of the people living in the house. Cooking is an art which always has room for creativity. So, such kitchens encourage novelty and innovation.

2. The Royal Prints

The Royal Prints

The prints which were extensively used at the times of the emperors, mainly in their dresses, are very much in vogue for kitchen towels and also table mats these days. The Ikat prints are making waves in the interior decoration world because of the rustic and traditional look they provide to the kitchen clothing, which brings about an old world’s charm. So, if you wish to give you culinary temple the good, old and wholesome look, get some Ikat printed accessories for the same. However, they could also be used in adorning your study rooms.

3. The Forest Look

The Forest Look

For a raw yet picturesque look, go for the jungle theme which has the perfect mixture of the natural as well as carnal interior accessories. Woodland creatures like Machiavellian foxes, blinky owls, demure doe and other such wild beats kept in the living room would raise the unique quotient of the house to another level altogether. Also, wild mushrooms as decorative motifs have also become the most favorite among interior designers recently. So get some potted figs and bamboo plants and complement them with these wild creatures to get give an adventurous dash to your house.

4. The Belgian Look

The Belgian Look

The Belgian tastemakers are in love with the union of freshly manufactured “antiques” and the linen upholstery, blended with neutral shades of colors like beige, peace, white and golden. The Belgian look has become of the most loved designs in the world of interiors as the amorous nature of Belgium is imminent in such designs, where there is a perfect combination of the good, old and intriguing antique accessories clubbed with the soft linens and harmonized by soothing hues.

5. Marbled Paper Prints of Venice

Marbled Paper Prints of Venice

If you wish to re visit the pre-digital era which has been a bygone now, the interesting and intricately woven designs on the marble paper would be an ideal choice for that. Originally used in the adorable and artistic city of Venice, these marbled paper prints have swoopy designs which have been closely printed on the marble paper and give a nostalgic as well as aesthetic feel to the house.

6. Transparent Drapes

Transparent Drapes

The house looks much serene and inviting when it has plenty of natural light coming in and captures the natural scenery well. Heavy drapes are increasingly becoming outdated as they are too thick for the sunlight to enter the house through windows. Also, the reason their popularity has been abated recently is that they give a suffocating and dogmatic impression to the house, whereas these days light and spaced out houses are being preferred more. Transparent or semi transparent drapes of fresh blue and green shade give a different dimension of your home altogether.

7. Wall Decals For Theme Bedroom

Wall Decals For Theme Bedroom

So what if your house lies in the hustle bustle of the glittering city, you could turn your bedroom, your quite haven of coziness and intimacy into your dreamland, by simply suing bedroom wall decals. Setting up a theme bedroom is much easier by using wall decals, as these are simple tattoos which are put on the smooth surface of a wall and look like pretty and neatly done up paintings. There is garden theme, jungle theme, palace theme and basically whatever you wish to go for. There is also an option to go for just quotations which would reflect your ideology and mind set.

8. Jute or Fiber Art Hangings

Jute or Fiber Art Hangings

Choosing this interior design for your house would make the place look practical, contemporary and would add just a little bit of the vintage look. Go for the jute hangings which have a crossed net, beautifully woven on a wooden hanging. The fiber hangings are sculptures to the walls which add depth and texture to them.