Top 5 Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioner

Today, an air conditioner is no longer a household appliance that you only need to have during the summer. Due to the sudden, extreme changes in weather conditions, it is now a must-have piece of equipment that you may have to use all year round to feel comfortable in your home.

Since there is a chance you will be using a cooling system every day, or for the majority of the year, if you are getting a new air conditioner in Lebanon, for example, you have to be sure you choose the right one.

Below are five tips that will help you buy the ideal air conditioning unit for your home:

1. Know the most common types of air conditioners

Like other home appliances, AC units come in different types. Having a basic understanding of each type will help you choose the right system for your home.

The most widely-bought and used air conditioners in residential properties that do not have built-in central cooling systems are:

●  Window air conditioners

As the name implies, this type of AC unit is installed in a window. A single box encloses all the key components which include the condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion, and cooling coils.

 Window type air conditioners pull hot air from a room and drive it outside while its vents blow out cold air inside.

It is the most popular option for homeowners that want to have a cooling system in one room. This type of AC unit is also the easiest to install.

However, since the unit is bulky and sits in a window, the window type AC is not the most aesthetically appealing option.

●  Split type air conditioners

This type of cooling system is another popular option among homeowners.  It is made of two units that are installed indoors and outdoors.

The indoor unit, which is installed on a wall, houses the evaporator, cooling fan, and cooling coils. The outdoor part is a freestanding unit that contains the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.

To make the air in an area comfortable, the condenser sends cold air to the blower via refrigeration lines. Because of this, a single unit can cool more than one room.

A split air conditioner requires only a small hole for installation, which makes it more pleasant to the eyes. Additionally, this type of unit operates quietly, thus keeping your home cool and comfy without any irritating noise.

●  Portable air conditioners

Since this type of AC unit is movable, it is also a popular option among homeowners.

A portable air conditioner is a standalone unit with all the components inside a single case. It is placed on the floor, and once plugged, it will cool the space. It will discharge the hot air from the room through a hose vent placed through an exterior wall or window.

This AC type is an excellent choice since it can be moved from room to room. It is also energy-efficient and not too costly.

It is the best air conditioner for small rooms and areas that need temporary cooling.

By knowing the pros and cons of these most widely-used three AC types and limiting your options to them, you can breeze through the shopping process faster.

2. Choose the right cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of AC units is measured in British thermal units or BTU. It is the amount of heat removed from a room every hour gauged in tons.

To choose the right air conditioner with the ideal cooling capacity, you have to consider these crucial factors:

  • The size of your home or the room where you will place the unit
  • The number of people who will frequently stay in the room
  • The number of windows in the room
  • The amount of sunlight entering the room

Keep in mind that the larger the space is, the more cooling power it will need. As such, if the room is big, you have to get an air-conditioner with a higher BTU.

3. Consider the unit’s efficiency rating

The efficiency ratings of air conditioners are rated based on their energy efficiency ratio or EER. AC units that have high EER ratings require less electricity to work.

Although an AC unit with a higher EER rating is more expensive, it will allow you to save more on energy bills in the long run.

The efficiency of a unit also depends on its size. An AC that is too small for a room will require more energy to function optimally. Because of this, you will get higher electricity bills.

As such, aside from a high EER rating, choose the right size of the air conditioner for the room for more savings on your utility bills.

4. Look into air quality

A cool room will be welcome during the hot weather months. However, you need to be sure you are breathing in clean, healthy cold air.

Because of this, buy an air conditioner with a good filter. This feature provides better quality indoor air.

Additionally, an air filter helps improve the efficiency of your unit since it prevents dust from accumulating in the coils.

5. Stay within your budget

Lastly, an air conditioner can be one of the most expensive things you will buy for your home. However, you don’t have to break the bank when you get one.

Similar to buying other types of electronics in Lebanon, you should set a budget for your air conditioner and stick to it. Additionally, do as much comparison shopping as you can to find the best prices for the unit you prefer.

Don’t forget to look online for your AC unit as well. Many online shops sell different varieties of brand new cooling units. If you do your research right, you will find a site that offers great discounts and other perks that will allow you to save more money on your air conditioner.

Remember, to have an air conditioner that will keep you cool and comfy without losing a lot of money on the outlay and energy bills, follow the tips above.