Top 5 Shoe Trends for 2014Shoes are like religion for most women. Each season, they have the opportunity of experiencing the enthusiasm and rush that’s associated with shoe shopping because they can add some excellent and amazing pieces to their wardrobe. Most women relish the joy of going on the hunt for the fabulous and best shoes that can transform their wardrobe. A huge number of women go for shoe therapy on a regular basis because to them, shoes possess a magical ability because of which they feel happy and wonderful, regardless of whatever they are feeling and what may be going on in their lives.

The year 2014 has brought some spectacular shoe trends and has driven fashionistas crazy. There is an endless variety that includes classic white pumps, sexy laser cuts, feminine floral prints and even playful polka dots. Nonetheless, while it is not possible for one to purchase each and every type of shoe, here is a list of five must-haves for every woman this season:

Polka Dot Shoes

Polka dot shoes have made a massive comeback in this spring and summer season for 2014 and they have been eternally regarded as one of the most sweet and adorable prints that can be found. This cute shoe trend is something that a woman should definitely consider implementing whether they choose to wear them with colorful and bold ensemble for a daring and all-out look or they opt to pair them with a monochromatic outfit.

Pink Shoes

This season has brought back some of the most feminine shoe trends and pink shoes are being considered as a highlight of 2014. From vibrant fuchsia to romantic blush tones, pink shoes can offer the ultimate girly look to women this season. These shoes can be used with any outfit and can be found in a wide array of materials ranging from patent leather to suede.

White Shoes

Even though they have always remained in style and are considered a classic regardless of season, it seems that white shoes have stepped out this season in a major way. They have become one of the best shoe trends of this year and are said to be the perfect complement for some of the best fashion statements that have been made this year.

Floral Shoes

It seems that style is blooming fully in this season. Floral shoes have become one of the most popular shoe trends that have hit the market in 2014 as they can be found in sexy heeled sandals and even the most comfortable of flats.

Laser Cut Shoes

This particular type of shoe is not only visually intriguing, but also the best choice for women when they are thinking of spicing up their outfit a little bit. A splash of hot can be given to any ensemble with these statement-worthy styles and they throw some life into a completely simple outfit.

As long as women have these top five shoes in their wardrobe, they will have something to wear with any outfit or ensemble they wish to try out.