It has been expected that this spring will bring some the most exciting video games for those people who are crazy behind them. Although the spring has started already and we have seen some marvelous video games like Bioshock infinite, Army of the two etc. These are the few game names that have been released. A lot of games will release yet in this Spring. Here we have selected the list of 5 expected games that will be worth playing and interesting for you. These games are not in a particular order and you can enjoy these games fully when they will be released.

1. The Last Of Us:

This title looks more appealing for many play station fans. The people are hoping that this game will provide an extra emotional touch as compare to the regular survival title and the people would like to play it definitely.

2. Dead Island: Riptide:

This is actually the sequel of the genuine IP Dead Island. And the people are anxious to play this game because the original IP Dead Island got great success. The people who are considering that it will be the cheap sequel, they are wrong. This game will be still rich in characters and the other locales.

3. Remember Me:

It is a feeling that everything regarding this game will be interesting whether it is heroine or futuristic locales. This game looks full of action and we think that it will be a game to remember.

4. GRID 2:

This game looks fabulous and road will be hit again in GRID 2. This is a multi player game actually and the racing fans will definitely prefer this game.

5. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner:

This game will be released with the enhance graphics and it will be 3D of course. This is a game in which heroes will fight for the fate of humanity in an interesting and attention seeking way.