Tips for How You Maintain Your Septic Tank System

Proper maintenance of your underground septic tank system is the key to keep your system running efficiently and smoothly. While most septic systems last longer, neglecting necessary maintenance can lead to early deterioration of your drain field and septic system, causing you expensive repair or replacement costs much earlier in its lifespan.

The septic tank system is a like your vehicle. With regular maintenance, oil change and system checks can give it a life time of 20 to 25 years. The same goes true with your septic tank system. Regular inspections and maintenance help catch the problems in early stages, allowing you to fix them before they become a huge problem or cause failure of the entire system. This also helps you save on thousands of dollars especially when it comes to replacement costs.

Here are some important maintenance tips to keep your septic tank system running smoothly in a long run.

Have Regular Pumping of the Septic Tank

With an average-sized house, you need to pump out your septic tank regularly, preferably every three to five years. If you neglect regular pumping, it can cause solids to overload the tanks and sludge leak into the drain field. In order to keep the septic system running cleanly, your drain field waste must be clear of these solids.

Divert All Gutters and Drainpipes Away from the Tank

Your septic tank and drain field should be away from all drainpipes and gutters. For this, you need to turn all the access runoff away from it so that the septic tank can treat the waste and waste water more effectively.

Keep All the Access Ports and Covers Tightly Sealed

Poorly sealed ports and covers of the access can be penetrated by water, leading several problems in your septic tank system. When liquid gets into these cracks, it can overload the system and cause the drain field to become oversaturated. It is a common problem with pressure type systems which causes pumps to run constantly and therefore, waste energy and money. For this reason, it is crucial that you keep all the ports and covers tightly sealed.

Get Routine Inspections of Septic System

Regardless of what type of septic system you have, it is vital to get routine inspection for your system in order to let it run smoothly. The recommended time frame for routine inspection varies from two to three years depending on the size of your system.

Do not Flush Other Items Than Toilet Tissues

Do not use your toilet as a trash receptacle by flushing unacceptable items that are likely to chock lines or require constant pumping or cleaning of the septic tank. Also, limit the use of toilet bowl and drain cleaning products since they are damaging elements to supporting bacteria which help the solids decompose in the septic tank.

Cleaning your septic tank can be better dealt with the help of professionals. They would visit your place and thoroughly inspect your septic tank system to identify any signs of faults or damages. They would also check the sludge layers and scum to identify the source of the problem. Whenever you find there is a problem with your septic tank system, it’s always wise to call professionals for help.