You have traveled a lot and seen a lot of places. You are wondering where to you on your next vacation. You are also planning on having a unique experience because you are tired of enjoying the same things again and again just at different places. Well, let us suggest something. How about going to Casablanca Morocco? You might wonder why we are asking you to go to Casablanca Morocco in specific, why not any other place. The answer is that you are looking for something unique, different and new and Casablanca Morocco has got it all. There is a lot to do for you and your family even if you stay there for a month. Whether you want to look deep into the ancient history, view the modern architecture or experience a blend of both, Casablanca Morocco offers everything in the finest form.

We would like you to research a little about the places in Casablanca Morocco before you pay a visit so you can know the attraction of this city. No matter who you ask and how you search, the first place that people will recommend you to visit is the Hassan II Mosque. This mosque is considered the seventh largest mosque among many other mosques around the world. The unique part about this mosque is that you can have a sight of the Atlantic Ocean while standing in the mosque because one part of this mosque is hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. This is just one of the unique things that you will find in Casablanca. Another place that many people will recommend you to visit in Casablanca is the Old Medina.

When talking about old Medina we are referring to Casablanca Morocco itself but the old part of it. In Morocco many big cities are built separately as old and new. The older part of the city is mostly fortified and around it you will find the modern side of the same city. Another great place for visitors and especially honeymooners to visit is the La Corniche. The unique thing about this beach is that you get to enjoy the swimming pools more than water of the ocean. This beach makes Casablanca Morocco different from most of the cities within Morocco and other parts of the world as well.

There are many restaurants here and you can order any type of food that you want. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the most of the restaurants in Casablanca Morocco open in the evening, around 7 PM so you must plan your schedule accordingly. The city is filled with 5 star luxurious hotels and most of tourists like to stay at the hotels that are close to airport. Sheraton Casablanca Hotel Towers is located in the center of the city and it is a perfect spot for tourists to stay. It is only at a few-minute drive from the airport. It offers satellite TV, high speed wireless internet, a swimming pool, a night club and a restaurant. Riad Salam Hotel Casablanca is located just beside the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at a short drive from Casablanca Morocco International Airport. A special climate changing feature is also offered at Riad Salam Hotel Casablanca. All the rooms are offered with private balconies from which the tourists can enjoy the ravishing view of the gardens and the Ocean.

Casablanca Morocco also houses several mobile companies that make it easy for the tourists to contact their friends, business partners or their families back at home. Mobiles can be bought from the market stores. You can buy more than one SIM cards for your use. The majority of the population of Casablanca is less than 50 years old. If you want complete relaxation and peace of mind, you might want to think about conquering the High Atlas Mountains. This is for the people with a lot of courage and those who love to do adventurous things. Alternatively, you can saddle up the camel and enjoy the slow, steady and long lasting ride while forgetting about every other problem except your wonderful trip to Casablanca Morocco.

Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur is another great place that you must visit when you pay a trip to Casablanca Morocco. This cathedral can be seen from long distances due to its white color and unique towers. It is fully white and due to several small and big towers the roof looks like it has spikes. The true magic of this cathedral can be felt once you are inside. When the sun is up, sunlight enters from its colorful glass windows that give a very beautiful display of colors. Casablanca Morocco is a place that we consider a must see. If you are an explorer on the inside, you will definitely love Casablanca Morocco for what it is today.