Possibly the biggest staple in men’s fashion is the leather jacket. Even males who do not consider themselves “fashion forward” appreciate a leather coat. Because leather is available in different styles, colors, and cuts, the options may seem overwhelming. So, here’s presented to you this guide to picking the best jacket for your closet.

1. Fit. Let’s face it; girls are not the only ones with different body types. Some men are lean, some are bulky, some have broad shoulders, and some have wide waists. Be sure to grab a jacket that fits you. Leather jackets are made to be snug, but be sure your coat is not to tight. Make sure you have free range of motion. Bend and stretch to make sure there is no uncomfortable restrictions or rubbing. Also, ensure the sleeves are long enough and the bottom of the jacket hits you at the waist.

2. Cut. Different cuts compliment different physiques. A bomber coat may be the best option for a lean man with broad shoulders while someone with a slimmer build may opt for a belted military coat. Of course the pea coat style jacket has crisp lines that compliments most figures, as does the motojacket.

3. Leather. Possibly the biggest decision you will have to make is the type of leather you want. For a jacket limited to biking use, chose thick cowhide leather that is at least 1 mm or .04 inches. This will offer the best protection against the elements as you ride. In addition, cowhide is best for winter months, as it is a thicker, warmer jacket. Lambskin is considered professional leather because of its sleek appearance.

4. Color. Jackets are not limited to the classic black of a Greaser jacket. Rather, leather jackets are available in all shades and hues. For a bold, fun look opt for a bright color, like red, blue, or green. For a professional look, the neutrals are your best option. This includes black, brown, tan, grey, navy, cream, and white. The best way to pick your neutral is to look at the rest of your wardrobe. If most of your clothes are brightly colored, black, grey, and navy are the best options. If you wear mostly earth tones, like brown, green, or tan, follow the trend with a brown, tan or cream jacket.

Undeniably, the leather jacket is an important piece of any man’s wardrobe. It adds an edgy but polished look to any outfit. Following these steps will help you find the perfect jacket exactly as per the ongoing fashion.