The Top-Rated Tourist Spots To See In Seoul, South Korea

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is an exciting and vibrant city that deftly combines ultra-modern technology and design with ancient history. There are different types of tourist attractions in the city, from indoor attractions like the various museums and outdoor adventures like the mountains and parks to explore. If you are wondering what to see in this city, listed below are some of its top-rated tourist spots:

  • Seoul Tower

This observation and communication tower is almost 500 meters above the city and offers dramatic views from its position of the side of Mount Namsan. You can travel in a cable car to the base of the tower. There are four observation decks, including a rotating restaurant. You will find a few gift shops, along with a digital observatory where 32 LED screens and cameras on the top of the mountain give a live, 360-degree view.

  • National Museum of Korea

This is a must-see attraction because it shows the artwork and history of the Korean people. It is one of the largest museums in Asia and focuses on history, art, and archaeology. You can check out a huge collection of objects and works that go back more than a million years.

  • Lotte World Tower

This skyscraper is one of the newest attractions in Seoul and one of the tallest buildings. There are a number of indoor and outdoor observation areas known as Seoul Sky on the 123rd floor and you can enjoy some spectacular views during the day and at night. You can also see the highest glass floor in the world on the 118th floor. It changes from opaque to clear like magic.

  • Grand Mercure Ambassador Hotel and Residences Seoul Yongsan

One of the top five-star resorts, this one is located in the heart of downtown. There are numerous posh suites and rooms that offer stunning city views, an indoor golf room, multiple restaurants, a fitness center, and a spa. You can enjoy the hot tub, swimming pool, and sauna or go for a luxurious massage. See more details at 홈타이. There is even a kids club.

  • Blue House

This is the Korean version of the White House, where the Korean president resides. It is not just a single building, but an entire campus that is built in traditional Korean style and has blue tile roofs that contribute to the name. You can enjoy hour-long tours and it takes you to reception rooms, meeting rooms, and their version of the Rose Garden.

  • Bongeunsa

One of the various Buddhist temples around and in Seoul, Bongeunsa was opened in the year 794 and it is a complex of multiple shrines and buildings. Since it is located in the Gangnam area, it is easy to visit. The temple is direct across the huge COEX convention center and mall. The temple has a program that enables the guests to experience the life of a monk for a couple of hours. It is a popular spot for all those who are looking for a peaceful atmosphere and want to take a break after going to the convention.