The Top Choices for Winter Clothing

With the approach of winter, women are usually left scrambling in order to make sense of their overflowing closets. Winter clothing means having to bundle up, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable and trendy while doing so. Popular fashion trends aren’t just about shine and sparkle, it is possible to make casual outfits look dressy and give an elegant touch to the dressy one with the reemergence of luxe finishes and fabrics and also classical prints. A stylish outfit can be put together easily with the help of the latest fashion trends, which are discussed as follows:

Velvet: Even though this particular material has been absent from the fashion circuit for a long while, this luxurious and rich fabric is the perfect material for layering around during the cold. The elegance of any long can be instantly elevated with velvet and it can be used as something as basic as a deeply colored skirt or even leggings.

Fringe: From hippe to elegant, fringe’s transformation has been exceptional and it is the embellishment of choice in this winter season. One will not go wrong in choosing fringe for this winter whether seen swinging back and forth across the cover-ups made kimono style or swishing over a shift dress.

Leather: One of the trends that never seem to go out of style includes leather, which tends to show up in the fashion arena in unexpected ways. Leather fashion embellishments and staples can be commonly seen on blouses, tees, collars, pants, skirts and jackets. Moreover, the colors of these leather embellishments are not simply restricted to black, but also include burgundy and deep blue.

Lace: If you are looking for the ideal counterpoint of some of your favorite pieces then lace is your answer as it can be seen brushing against leather and denim or peeking out from under chunky knits. Any look can be made luxurious with the help of lace and every outfit will have a feminine and sensual touch because of it.

Classical Patterns: For the past two seasons, there has been a domination of digital patterns. But, it seems that designers are ready for a change due to which they have reverted to classical prints that includes houndstooth, tweed, floral, plaid and check for this winter season. You can add a pattern punch to your outfit in this season by making use of floral brocade dresses and pants, houndstooth tops and cozy leopard print sweaters

Cashmere: What is winter without having some cashmere to warm up the body a little? Socks, sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves will provide your skin with all the warmth it needs and softness that it desires. This premium fabric may carry a heavy price tag, but is worth the cost because of its durability and never-ending style.

With the help of these choices for this winter, you will no longer be unsure about what to wear this season without burning a hole in your pocket and using some of your existing closet stuff.