The Secret of Removing Blackheads

A common skin eruption of acne is defined as blackheads and a large number of people are faced with this problem nowadays. People of all ages have to contend with this problem, which can have a negative impact on their appearance. The blackheads usually form on the skin when the pores become clogged with dirt, oil or dead skin. These breakouts are more common in people who possess an oily skin. The best way to prevent these blemishes from forming on the face is to remove excess oil and ensure that the skin remains clean. Although it is a time consuming process, there are some steps that can speed it up and help people in removing blackheads.

It is recommended that natural methods be used for eliminating blackheads as they are long lasting and safe at the same time. Here are some steps that can prove to be immensely helpful in removing blackheads from the skin:

1-    Pores should be steamed. Water should be poured in a pot and allowed to boil. Then the heat should be turned off. Now, people can bend over the pot for about 10 minutes. Pores can be cleaned out in this way and blackheads can be loosened as well.
2-    Water and baking soda can be used for making a scrub. Take a bowl and mix equal parts of water and baking soda in it. Use your fingers for applying this scrub onto the face. For 2 to 3 minutes, it should be massaged onto the skin as it’s very helpful in loosening blackheads. Warm water should then be used for rinsing off the scrub from the face.
3-    Visit a drugstore and purchase a blackhead extractor. Rub alcohol over the tool to ensure that it’s clean. The end that has the hole size, which can fit the blackhead should be chosen. The hole of the blackhead extractor should be held over the blackhead and pressed down gently. The blackhead will be dislodged in this way. The process should be repeated and more pressure can be added if the blackhead isn’t removed. The blackhead extractor is a narrow and long tool that has holes on both ends; one is small and one is large.
4-    An astringent can also be applied. Saturate cotton balls in lemon juice and use them for removing blackheads. The skin is dried and disinfected by the lemon juice.
5-    A facial mask should also be applied on the skin on a weekly basis. A mask that can slightly dry the skin should be chosen because oily skin usually gives rise to blackheads. These are usually deep cleaning masks and can easily be found.
6-    Use an oil-free moisturizer for the skin. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a moisturizer. Skin can remain healthy when it’s hydrated. The only thing that people have to do is get a moisturizer that’s beneficial for oily skin and they are good to go.

Blackheads can be removed naturally and quite quickly with these steps and the beauty of the skin is reclaimed.