The Necessity of Employee Monitoring Today

The explosion of technology has blurred the lines between business and pleasure. Employees can now use their company’s devices for accessing their personal emails, their bank accounts and social media profiles. Likewise, they can also use their own devices for viewing company files and documents, communicating with their employer and colleagues etc. Hence, there is a greater possibility of information being compromised or falling into the wrong hands. The only way a business can protect itself from risk is to opt for employee monitoring. Right off, this sound extremely unethical as it is claimed that the privacy of employees will be compromised.

These claims have been unable to curtail the practice of employee monitoring because businesses wish to minimize the risk of their resources being used negatively by their employees. There are several reasons why you, as an employer, can justify the act of monitoring your employees. First and foremost, a business wishes to ensure that their employees are workinge to the best of their potential and this is exactly what a monitoring program can accomplish. It is an unbiased performance review of the employee as it provides only objective and accurate records of the work accomplished. It is considered as an efficient management technique.

Employees, on the other hand, are more likely to view it as their bosses mistrusting them. With employee monitoring, you can ensure that your employees aren’t using the company’s computer and other resources for doing their personal work like browsing the web. Employees could attempt to increase their earnings by wasting their time surfing on the internet and then clocking in overtime for completing their tasks. This is something they will not be able to do if they are being monitored. However, bear in mind that it is better not to inform employees about monitoring because it puts them on their guard and renders the entire process useless.

Managers and owners are also able to identify which workers are productive and unproductive. If a worker is not doing a job properly or making too many mistakes, a monitoring program allows bosses to spot them and provide them training or hire others to eliminate the problem. Moreover, employers are of the opinion that they have a responsibility of protecting their legitimate business interests and the only way they can do this is via employee monitoring. This is due to the fact that employees may have conflicts of interest or may be disloyal.

The only way to effectively root out these problems is with the professional keystroke logger called Spytector. While there may be hundreds of monitoring software available in the market, Spytector is unique because it is absolutely undetectable. This keylogger is very user-friendly and invisible so you can keep track of every keystroke made by your employees and learn about what they are doing and where. The program is regularly updated so there are no compatibility issues and even an antivirus program or a detector cannot find Spytector installed in a device so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about it.