Depression is a condition that is more often than not misunderstood.  This condition does not discriminate any one and can occur to anyone despite your race or color. The most interesting bit about depression is that individuals cannot tell when they are suffering from it since it is not painful like most of the other ailments.  Women are much more susceptible to this condition than men. It’s alleged that 1 in every 4 women will suffer from depression and 1 in every 8 men will suffer from depression at one stage of their life. Depression is becoming a real issue in the society today by and by. There are many causes of depression and this write up outlines some of them.


Contaminants and heavy metals usually cause depression in various ways because about 90% of the pollutants consumed on a daily basis inhibit the intensities of serotonin in our bodies. Various studies have associated toxins with depression. Prescribed drugs have been associated with depression too.


Women suffer from tension due to hormonal changes just before menstruation and after childbirth which in most cases causing depression. Hormonal imbalances as well as endocrine problems that have endured for a long period of time are known to cause depression.

Work environment

Most people work in environments that are not conducive because of a lot of pressure from the boss to meet deadlines. In most cases, they are torn between quitting their jobs and family responsibilities hence amounting to depression. Unwelcome sexual advances so as to get favors at the work place are common in most work places although most people would rather not talk about it. This raises a lot of concern for the affected party thus leading to depression.

Home environment

There are quite a number of homes that are full of sadness and grief brought about by dealing with an unfaithful spouse, impotence, illness, alcohol, inability to conceive, depressive parents or children and abject poverty. A person who grows up in such a home becomes prone to depression in the later life because the circumstances of the environment one grows up in replicates as we advance in age.


Repressed anger is in most cases denoted as depression. More often than not, we get angry unconsciously and we are incapable of conveying it. This amount to depression as we bring the anger upon ourselves thus becoming a disturbance to our minds for a long period of time.


Situations such as unexpected loss of a loved one, loss of employment, terminal illness, grisly accidents or becoming bankrupt will in most cases amount to depression.

Chemical imbalances

Chemical imbalances which occur in the brain may also lead to depression. These are usually brought about by drugs, excessive use of alcohol, stress, medicine and surrounding environment among other causes.

There should be no cause of alarm for patients suffering from depression and the caregivers. This is because recovery is readily obtainable in many semblances. Medication from a reputable medical facility and natural health care are the best solutions. Healthy diet, exercise, avoiding anger, detoxification are other ways of dealing with depression.