The Latest Trends in Nail Color and Shape

Everyone wants to follow the latest fashion, whether we talk about shoes, clothes or bags. However, while worrying about these things, a lot of smaller things are left ignored. For instance, what is one of the biggest accessories on the runaways that have been noticed recently? Tips. Nail art, which surged in the past few years, is dying down gradually, but using the right nail color is everything this season is about. No matter what texture or color you are using for your nails, no matter what trends in nail color and shape you follow, it is essential to keep your nails super-groomed. The concept of matching is back and you should marry your nails with the accessories and your makeup should also mirror them. Here are some of the key styles, shapes and colors you should nail:

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Retro Red Nails

Red is a classic nail shade and the latest trends have indicated a return to it as it oozes ladylike luxury and glamor, especially when the color is twined to your vintage and lippy garments. The color will work with every outfit and can be used for giving the nails a grunge look or even an elegant one.

Bewitching Black Nails

In this season, moody darks seem to have come right back and these deep dark shades are seemingly best for dark nights and can be used frequently. Reverse French manicures can be done with the black shade and this can give the nail a glossy finish. This color can be used for almost all colors and different types of dresses and can look elegant, goth or classy; whichever look you are after.

Natural Nails

This is a simple shape with no color and they are more a summer hue. Nails have to be kept short and square, but a little bit rounded from the edges for a glossy yet soft and well groomed look.

Very Berry Nails

The wine stains and berry shades are being regarded as a key color for this beauty season and they are considered big for the lips and tips. Both dark berry nails and a creamy berry color can be chosen by people for working with several dresses.

There has also been a trend of various shapes when it comes to nails. Some of the popular ones are:

Stand Out Shape

For those women who don’t want to do the short and square, they can opt to create vampish nails instead. A squaletto style shape can be created by giving it a square flat top or even a stiletto shape can also be chosen as it still remains popular.

Nail art devotees can still partake in their love of digit designing, which might not be such a huge trend, but is still being used. In fact, nail art has become immensely easy with the kits that are available and there is plenty more variety offered. There are new and unique designs in several color combos that can turn out to be great for some occasions and the entire process is also super simple with kits.