One of the most common sayings about a woman’s relationship shoes is that ‘Give a woman a pair of good shoes and she’ll rule the world’. The ever-changing fashion trends are represented by shoes. Just like the rest of their attire, women are highly conscious about the kind of shoes they are wearing and wish to keep up with the latest fashion trends. However, the problem is that if a particular pair of shoe was in great demand last year, it doesn’t mean that the same pair will bear the same enthusiasm this year. Shoe trends have a habit of changing with years and sometimes even seasons. The types of shoe can also vary, depending on the occasion where they have to be worn.

2013 has turned out to be a year of boon for shoe enthusiasts because the shoe styles boast some tremendous and trendy designs. The latest shoe trends for the current year are simply heading towards the extreme. They are high heels and valiant colors to the extreme. Nonetheless, women can still take advantage of a variance in designs and styles as soft colors and flats haven’t faded either. These all are of the modern trend as the shoe collection has been revamped by designers to meet the needs of women.

Listed below are some of the different shoes that are part of the latest trend:

Wedge Heels

In the fashion industry, the classic wedge style has become extremely popular. Espadrilles and wooden cork heels are melded together with soft shades or bright-colored plaited straps. This relaxed style of heels can be found in pumps, open shoes and sandals in various touches.

Classic Stilettos 

This season, another trend is that of the vibrant and sharp colored heels. People can wear them with any kind of attire if they are able to carry high heels meticulously without any possibility of stumbling. Formal attire can be set off wonderfully through stilettos in neutral, muted and pastel shades. One pair of stilettos is a must for every shoe enthusiast.


This type of shoe is also available in various designs and shades and can be worn with a short skirt or a pair of skinny denims. If one is not comfortable in wearing high heels, they have the option of wearing block heeled gladiators. Not only gladiators can be found in the form of sandals, but also in the form of shoes. Both types remain fashionable in an exclusive type of way.

Swirls and Straps 

These days metallic and fabric straps are considered to be very much in vogue. Lace embellishments are used for enhancing regular sandals. Evening attires can be complemented with sequined golden or silver strap sandals. Apart from metallic designs, fabric ones have also gained popularity in 2013.

Animal Prints 

In the world of shoe trends, distinction has been engraved by this sort of footwear as it extends from zebra prints, leopard prints, and snake-skin patterns and tiger strips.

Platform Shoes 

Feet can be balanced in a better manner on high heels with this form of footwear. They have versatile patterns and a stunning look that help them prevail.