How can you join a party with so much lighting and glare without wearing glasses that make you look unique enough so that everyone looks at you with that particular look?  Even if you watch TV or music award ceremonies, the latest pop starts don’t seem to feel complete without wearing a “different’ pair of glasses. It’s true that celebrities can take advantage of their popularity to name anything they wear style but even if you are not into that much celebrity-following, you can wear the latest styles in eyewear with some research. See below to find out what eyeglasses will suit you the best in the coming year.

Best Eyewear In 2013 For Women

If you follow the directions given below, you are definitely going to make an impact when you join a party, prom or any colorful gathering.

  • First, you don’t have to stick to those big round and oval shaped glasses anymore. You can now try the new looks with more edgy and pointy corners.
  • You don’t even have to keep yourself clung to the oversized glasses as well. You can now look for a pair of glasses that fits just your face size. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to pick an oval or round one.
  • When it comes to colors, don’t stay behind by buying grey, black or brown colors for the frames. Your frames can now be of any color you can imagine: they can even be multicolor or contain things you never thought of before. Just for an example, there is a new collection from Gucci that contains glasses with sky scrapers drawn on the inside of the glass frame.
  • The glasses of your eyewear don’t have to be tinted with black or other conventional colors. Purple is the new trend or you could go for the multicolor shades on the glasses. White fame with multicolor glass pieces is just the perfect choice.
  • Another new trend in glasses for women is the manly looking ones: yes, women can now opt for glasses that look quite manly in their looks. Have a look at the new arrivals from most of the brands and you will notice this trend.
  • The material of the frame doesn’t have to be metal. People are not that comfortable with metal anymore. Plastic legs for the frame are perfect but if they have to be metal, they must be hypoallergenic. 

In short, if you look at the newest trends you will find out that you can wear almost any color you could think of. Women shouldn’t be living in the era of those black and grey glasses anymore. Whether they want the glasses for their eyesight or sunglasses, they have unlimited options of colors, frames and designs. The glasses for eyesight are also available in red, purple, blue, green, orange and all the bright colors you could imagine. Adding a little butterfly or flower design on the corner of the glasses is also becoming really trendy. Look at the glasses worn by Avril Lavigne recently and you’ll know what that is.