The Hottest Hair Color Trends in 2014

While wardrobe, shoes and makeup is important for staying in line with the current fashion, one cannot ignore the hair color. The trend changes every year with new replacing the old to give people a more stylish and put-together look. New hair color trends have been introduced for 2014 and people can select one that goes with their skin color and tone perfectly to get a chic and complete look. Some of the latest colors that have gained popularity these days include platinum, bright hues, ombre and dip dyes. Read on to find some gorgeous shades that have been introduced and will work for every personality.

1-     Ombre hair color shows no sign of fading or waning anytime soon as it continues to show up on the red carpet time and time again. This hair color choice is especially ideal for brunettes and a number of popular models have used this shade for spicing up their look and flattering their coloring.

2-     Platinum blonde hair remains popular as always and blondes are even choosing to go for lighter and icy shades instead of sticking with the golden honey tones of the year past. However, it should be kept in mind that this hair color doesn’t work with every skin tone and requires a lot of maintenance on the part of individual.

3-     Brunette hair has been regarded as something a bit serious and boring, but one look at the Duchess of Cambridge and you’ll realize that it can be used to appear hotter and natural than ever. A huge number of women are choosing to embrace and accept their natural brown hair color and giving it a boost with chestnut and rich shades and even caramel tones.

4-     Balayage has become a rave in the country’s salons and can work for every hair type and color. Nonetheless, the best results can be seen in blondes.

5-     Blown blonde or Bronde as it is commonly known, is the perfect color between brunette and blonde and had risen to popularity in 2007. Seven years later, it still remains of the most attractive and trendy hair colors.

6-     Red hair color has always been considered powerful and unique and is the next big thing this year. Deep reds to amazing rose golds, all shades are breathtaking. The best part is that anyone can become a redhead; all they have to do is find the right shade that works with their skin tone and they can power on.

7-     Bright hues remain popular in the younger set, which includes washes of pastels, streaks and Kool-Aid hair color.

8-     Dip-dye hair color isn’t in the mood to lose its popularity any time soon. In this hair style, the entire hair looks natural except for the tips that are dipped in color. This hair color is popping up even more and more these days.

Super dark shades are being avoided as they make people appear older while ombre and bronde have the ability of giving everyone a sun kissed look.