Christian Louboutin is the surely a master of conceiving some of the most chic and flamboyant footwear for women. His designs are elegant but so flashy that any woman who wears his shoes feels as if she is a celebrity. The shoes designed by Christian are elegant, exuberant, colorful and bright in their appearance. Looking at them it is clearly visible that these shoes have been designed for women with a great taste for stylish footwear. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Louboutin’s footwear is not what someone would call cheap or economical. Here are the common aspects and characteristics of Louboutin’s shoes that people should know before buying them.

The Common Trends In Louboutin’s Pump:

  • First of all, these pumps are available in high heels and then the more exciting sky high heels. Women with a passion for extremely high heels would definitely find some amazing options in this collection.
  • Colors: expect all the funky, fancy and bright colors you know in Louboutin’s pumps. Shades of shocking red, pink and maroon is frequently and most commonly found in his pumps. The color “nude” has its own place in all the colors: at first it might look pink but then you suddenly get to know why it’s specifically been given the name of “nude”.
  • For women who want some heavy contrast, Louboutin knows how to make them happy. The black contrasted with rose matador pumps named as Pigalle Plato are probably some of the most flaunting and flashy pumps ever produced.
  • Spikes are a completely unique trend that is found in Louboutin’s pumps collection. The spikes are not as those found underneath sports shoes but the ones adorned on top of the pumps. One could call these pumps the pimpled pumps: they are perfect for women who love adventuring on off-road bikes and trailers. 
  • There are some multicolor styles with black, pink, white and grey colors. The black color isn’t absent and some sexy styles with high heels are available in shiny black color.
  • There are some great pumps with low and high heels in leopard print and they have the quality of making any woman’s feet a celebrity’s pair of feet. 
  • Python, printed pony, leather and suede are the most commonly found materials found in Louboutin’s pumps. 
  • When it comes to height, you find most of the pumps in the heights of 100mm, 120mm 140mm and 160mm. The highest you can get is 160mm. 
  • Most of the styles are pointed and it looks as if this is the style Louboutin loves to work on.

Looking at the collection of pumps, these are the most common trends in colors, heels, styles, designs and material you will find. Dull and boring colors are not what Louboutin likes to include in his collection or maybe they don’t come into his mind. His shoes are designed to make people envy the wearer and cameras to flash some light on the shoes. To find some of the flauntiest, sexiest and flashy pumps, go for Louboutin’s collection.