The Different Types of Window Hardware

When you purchase a new window, you are provided with window hardware or fittings for keeping them fastened and secure. However, some homeowners prefer to change these fittings for matching the decoration or renovation in their home. Some of the different kind of finishes that you will find at your disposal when you want to choose new window hardware include antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, polished brass and satin nickel. You should go over the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your hardware maintains its good condition. In the case where you are doing home renovation and wish to match your newer windows with old hardware, you can find some antique reproduction fitting options for different kinds of windows.

The most popular options include casement or crank operated, shutters, pulley and sash windows and also storm and screen windows among related hardware. While flea markets and local specialty shops are a good place to look, it is best if you search on the internet for more specific items and also get Local window fitters advice [infographic] to make better decisions. Listed below are a few choices you will find in terms of window hardware:

Casement Furniture

You can select casement window furniture that works with your window style and type. Three types of casement fasteners are available in the market for keeping the windows shut. With stays, you can choose to keep the window shut or it can also be fastened to stay open and not slam shut. You can fit a stay and fastener on the same window.

  • Casement Fastener: When the casement is closing against the frame, a mortise or wedge type fastener is used whereas a hook option is preferable when the frame and closed casement sits flush.
  • Casement Stays: Long bars that have holes in them are called stays and are fitted to the window’s opening casement. Some ‘pins’ are placed on the window frame. You can slot the holes on the stay on both pins for keeping the window tightly shut. The hole can also be slotted on any pin for keeping the window open.

Sash Furniture

This kind of window fitting is designed to help you in lifting and locking the window into place with ease. Sash lifts, sash pulls and locks are typically included in sash hardware. Sash stops are not very common, but can be used on both sides of the window for adding more security. The biggest benefit of sash hardware is that you can find it in a wide array of finishes and has less moving parts as opposed to casement hardware.

Crank Window Hardware

The hand crank hardware is one of the most popular of the casement hardware choices. You can find crank hardware in a plethora of finishes and you can also find integrated styles that can be folded into the window sill. This means that you don’t have to worry about them sticking out when they are not in use.

Use any of these window hardware for keeping your windows properly secured.